The Power of Women’s Spirit

Through the power of women’s entrepreneurial and business spirit we target growth and prosperity that address not only the business aspects of change but also social concerns.

I am excited that today women in leadership positions have achieved an advanced level of media recognition and acceptance such that, in partnership with men, we are now a driving force of growth that leads to real fundamental economic changes reshaping our world. 

Importance of Gender Diversity

Why is Gender Diversity important to the IT sector today?

It is not a secret that the technology community is lacking women. However, numerous studies published in respected business journals such as Forbes and Fortune magazines have shown that technology companies with the highest representation of women in senior management post a higher return on equity than do those with fewer women in senior management. 
Studies have determined that gender diversity is associated with increased sales revenue, more customers, and greater profits. Clearly, when we bring a wider variety of people into IT, our innovation will be enhanced through the valuable contributions that diverse perspectives bring.

Promoting Gender Diversity

Why I decided to play an active role in promoting gender diversity

Early in life I recognized that one of my greatest strengths is connecting the dots; aligning strategy with vision while bringing together diverse people with different objectives to achieve a common goal. Not only do I consider this to be among my strongest personal attributes, but, after many years of empirical observation, I have seen this same collaborative spirit and ability reside in other women. 
When I changed my career path from accounting to technology I drew on this ability to grow my sphere of influence and expand my knowledge to a multitude of domains including strategy, channels, marketing, services, entrepreneurship and innovation.  

I am committed to paying it forward and helping to set the stage for the next generation of leaders and innovators. My brand, cultivated over time, reflects my vision and passion as an agent of change and a woman leader who knows no limits and delivers tangible business results in the corporate world. 
Over time I have expanded my impact and influence in the realm of women’s leadership by intertwining my business goals with my women’s leadership aspirations and I continuously seek new ways to align and integrate my day job with my passion for women’s leadership. 

Capgemini and Gender Diversity

How Capgemini has helped me develop in the company

I joined Capgemini in the late spring of 2014 to lead our alliance with one of our six strategic partners, the EMC Federation of Companies, including EMCII, VMware, Pivotal and RSA.   
For me, now more than ever, my business objectives are aligned with my commitment to women’s leadership specifically and innovation in general. Therefore, new to Capgemini,  I needed to build my internal network, the foundation of any successful leader. Clearly, the company is founded on seven values, which are aligned with my code of ethics, helping me to quickly assimilate.


For me, there is one person that stands out. Someone who, like me, aligns business with women’s leadership and that is Isabelle Roux-Chenu, Corporate Counsel and founding sponsor of Global Women@Capgemini. Generous with her time she invited me to join the leadership team and partner with her to build our founding 2015 Silicon Valley women’s program. Stay tuned for further developments!

Raising Gender Awareness

To individuals who want to help raise greater awareness on gender diversity around the world and the IT sector, I would share four pieces of advice:

1. Take the lead, lift others as you climb

Know there are no limits when you collaborate to achieve tangible results.  

2. Get engaged

You cannot participate from the sidelines and you cannot effect change until and unless you engage.  

3. Small steps will take you forward, no need to jump all in

Lao Tzu (Chinese philosopher) stated that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Mahatma Gandhi stated that one should strive to become the change one wishes to see in the world.  

4. Align your core values

 Understand the importance of aligning your core values with business strategy one wishes to implement, along with the inherent knowledge that people matter and that results count. 

A Little More About Sheryl

  • Group – Women @ Capgemini Leader
  • Board Member – Association For Corporate Growth – Silicon Valley
  • Hult Prize (A Clinton Global Initiative) Boston and San Francisco Judge
  • Advisor and Mentor – Dallas Entrepreneur Center theDEC
  • MassChallenge – Judge
  • Award – YWCA Tribute to Women (TWIN) 2006
  • Award California Diversity Council – 2014 Leadership & Innovation
  • Founding President EMC West Coast Women’s Leadership Forum 
  • Founding Committee and Keynote – IEEE WIE International Women in Technology
  • Founder, Host, Moderator – New England Women’s Symposium
  • Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN) – Women Leader for the World 2006