James Rinehart

Find some good sources of online training so you can learn new skills on your schedule.

What drives me to work

I enjoy solving problems and coming up with better solutions to our customers’ cyber security needs.

 My usual work day

I work on a variety of tasks — from helping clients ensure compliance with security standards to architecting security solutions using the latest technologies.

Skills for Security Consultant

You need a solid background in networking and operating system security as a foundation. Then add some specialized experience in one or more security disciplines, such as identity management, threat management, and data protection.

My Aim

I aim to expand my skillset in cyber security so I can address the wide range of challenges that customers face.

Overcoming Challenges at work

I deal with a variety of technologies and customer environments. A cookie cutter approach won’t work; I need to approach each project with an open mind.

What motivates me?

The ability to learn new technologies and process and apply them to clients’ needs is a real motivator for me.

How Capgemini empowers me?:

Capgemini ensures that I have access to necessary training and tools to allow me to keep current the ever changing security environment.

What makes me Proud?

I’m proud of the extensive range of skilled individuals who are on our team and the collaborative spirit they bring to the team. That makes us all better in our jobs.

Why Capgemini?

They get to work with a team of experienced individuals like themselves on a wide range of projects. They won’t get locked into a narrowly focused path.

Advice for security consultant

Find some good sources of online training so you can learn new skills on your schedule. Then, set up some test systems so you can get hands on experience. Also use good security practices, even on your test systems, things like strong passwords, firewalls and restricted access accounts. Practicing good security techniques will aid in your transition from training to real world.


James Rinehart