Storage Resource Optimization Assessment

Data growth has become an enormous challenge for companies large and small. How can organizations control their costs while continuing to ensure that their data storage still meets their needs?

Keeping Up with the Data Race

For companies to keep growing successfully, they need to address the increasingly urgent issue of data. The volume, variety, and speed of data is multiplying at a staggering rate. The sheer volume of data is growing by 40 percent every year,* with mobile data traffic alone growing by almost 60 percent in 2015.** Moving forward, this trend is only set to increase.

Companies understand the importance of making data storage cost-efficient, eliminating redundant data, capturing storage performance metrics, and complying with data retention regulations. But enterprises need help managing the complexity of data storage optimization.

Determining the Right Solution for your Data Storage

Capgemini’s Storage Resource Optimization (SRO) Assessment service provides a blueprint for storage transformation, along with concrete guidelines for integrating cost reductions into an overarching IT or business transformation strategy. The SRO Assessment service allows businesses to:

  • Cut storage costs: boosts procurement efficiency while maintaining capacity for business growth
  • Optimize resource usage: improves reporting and enables proactive resource planning
  • Increase operational efficiency: implements tools for faster problem response
  • Reassert IT control: helps IT understand storage relationships and dependencies and achieve IT goals

Setting our Own Best Example

Capgemini knows and understands the complexities of SRO because we have gone through the experience ourselves. Over the past 15 months, we undertook our own storage transformation, starting with an SRO Assessment. Via this transformation program, SRO was deployed to our 30 petabytes of data worldwide, representing 40 percent of our overall support base. The result was $3.7 million in savings in 2015 alone, and an estimated $20 million over the next three-to-five years.

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