Business Data Lake

Discover a new approach to addressing your company’s information challenges. Embracing Big Data satisfies both local and corporate needs from an integrated environment. We call it the Business Data Lake.

Go beyond IT’s single view approach

A company’s business units and IT departments often battle for the best way to leverage analytics to obtain business insights. Business units, which are usually organised into local entities, want a local approach, and a centralised IT approach often results in a one-size-fits all solution. A business really needs a solution that delivers the agility and independence to meet its strategic goals and which provides your IT department with the governance and visibility at the global level.

A next generation solution for big data

Capgemini’s Business Data Lake is a new approach to enterprise reporting and information management that:
  • Delivers corporate performance indicators while satisfying local information needs
  • Stores everything on one interface
  • Provides key insights from data where and when it’s needed.
 The benefits that this solution can deliver are:
  • Timely, flexible and high-integrity data insights that support more responsive, fast and targeted business decisions
  • Reduced IT investment costs and change lead times
  • A global view of your business that will enhance or even replace traditional data warehousing.

The business data lake advantage

Together, Capgemini and Dell EMC created the Business Data Lake, a next-gen information management solution that delivers big data to all users. It combines Capgemini’s leading business processes and big data skills with Dell EMC’s cutting-edge technology. The result is a new as-a-Service approach to addressing companies’ insights, data and information challenges.