New Data Landscape

How do you make data the foundation of every decision you make? How do you get a better view of what’s happening on the outside and a faster view of what’s happening on the inside? Capgemini can help you take control of your data landscape

Drive business performance

The ultimate success of Big Data projects lies in realizing business value. Our study, The Big Data Payoff: Turning Big Data into Business Value is a comprehensive survey of US and European executives involved in Big Data initiatives. It reveals that many enterprises are making progress in operationalizing their projects, and outlines the critical differences between companies that have achieved business value from their data landscape initiatives and those that have not. To thrive, organizations need to process all the data available, distilling it to provide specific insight that drives better business performance. This requires the cost effective management of huge volumes of information combined with the skills to deliver the right type of insight in the right way.

Take control of your data

Capgemini brings together leading data technology experts with business and industry sector expertise to help you get better value from both corporate and external data. We know the opportunities presented by new data-sets and help you to channel these to ensure you stay one step ahead.

Our specific solutions include:

Guiding principles for big data value realization

We apply a set of guiding principles that are essential to realizing value from your investment:

  1. Embark on an insights journey, respecting your business and technology context
  2. Organize the new data landscape for a data flood from connected people and connected things (Internet of Things)
  3. Create a pervasive data science skillset and attitude
  4. Unlock Data- and Insights-as-a-Service
  5. Introduce ROI of insights as a crucial business KPI
  6. Master the governance, security and privacy of your data assets
  7. Empower your people with insights at the point of action

These principles need to be wrapped with a continuous improvement loop as insights are fed back to improve the analytical models and business process. And these in turn drive the quality and completeness of data to further improve future analysis.

Transform your information landscape

We have completed many big data projects successfully, including:

  • We helped a global employment agency to improve their insight into localized job markets, matching job seekers with openings. Users have been amazed by the accuracy of our proof of concept.
  • A global Telco improved insight into network usage and identified new commercial opportunities through Big Data transformation.
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics Help HMRC Process Debt Payments More Quickly

Download now our study: Big & Fast Data: The Rise of Insight-Driven Business.