The Challenge of Corporate Reporting

In today’s fast-moving economy, a platform-based record-to-act (R2A) function can help align your financial processes for better business outcomes, streamline information and analytics – providing better visibility of financial statements – to ensure fast close of books, and deliver improved financial controls and compliance.

Better Business Outcomes

By integrating your business, regulators and investors into a single, end-to-end function, your company can benefit from an enhanced Record-to-Act (R2A) cycle.

Capgemini can transform your R2A processes to deliver faster close at lower cost, better controls and compliance, lower audit fees, stronger relationships, and valued information and insights – all of which combine to deliver tangible business outcomes to your business.

Delivering an end-to-end transactional service at every stage of your R2A cycle, enabling you make better business decisions by accessing key, timely information.

Proven Leaders in Digital and Financial Transformation

With experience from hundreds of R2A implementations and operations, our 3,700 specialists – including more than 1,000 accountants, analytics and tax experts – can transform your entire R2A process end-to-end, delivering deep transformation together with deep insight 24/7/365 in 38 languages. We are proud of the value we continue to deliver to our clients and the results speak for themselves:

  • Assumed 80% of the business processes to drive efficiencies and profitability
  • 75% reduction in the intercompany process workload
  • 2-day reduction in reporting burden
  • 95% standardization in global R2A processes
  • Reduction in the cost of finance operations from 1.8% to 1.5%
  • 99.98% performance in the quality of accounting records achieved
  • 3-day reduction in close time
  • 24% reduction in balance sheet ageing items.