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HMRC advisers use “robots” to reduce call times by 40%, improve customer service and increase job satisfaction

They are using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate time-consuming clerical tasks, and link digital services and back-office systems for end-to-end processing, without significant IT development effort.

To grow robotics capability from scratch, HMRC worked with Capgemini to design, build and run Automation Delivery Centres (ADCs). This involved setting up a platform for robotics software that had never been deployed at such scale before, establishing an operating model, and building a team of experts who cross-skill new team members to meet demand.

The ADCs opened in April 2016, and within just 18 months they delivered 56 solutions that have handled nearly 7.5 million robotic transactions and are used by over 11,500 staff. HMRC’s approach returns 2x project investment in-year and empowers their people to work with robotics, and is recognised as a leading UK Government example of using RPA to improve customer experience and job satisfaction.

For more details on Robotic Process Automation with HMRC do feel free to get in touch with our expert Vasan Srinivasan.

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