Business digitalization shifts are changing business models and the relationships among consumers, businesses, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. With the challenges of engaging customers, empowering employees, and improving operational performance; today’s business needs to access better data that generates actionable insights, enabling the right people, to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Smart, Digital, More Connected

The Capgemini/Intel partnership is committed to innovation and believes that technology must constantly evolve to make more things possible and all things easier, smarter, and more connected. Together, we are helping our clients to better understand and leverage the latest in innovation to unlock the true value of their business in the digital age.

The combined power of Intel innovation and Capgemini collaboration—along with our in-depth industry knowledge—has helped us develop such innovative offerings as The Smart Digital Store, Energy Internet of Things (E-IoT) and SMART WorkSpace.

Smart Digital Store

Deliver the services customers expect, generate new revenue streams, and improve overall store operations and performance 24/7 by merging the benefits of online and physical stores with The Smart Digital Store. It’s an innovative framework supported by a secure, unified platform, that helps retailers define, accelerate, and sustain their digital transformation journey, quickly, efficiently and in lock-step with their particular needs.
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Energy Internet of Things (E-IoT)

Leveraging the innovation that IoT enables, why not optimize your asset usage and reduce energy costs with this smart innovative end-to-end energy services platform for connected homes, businesses, public assets, and grid.
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SMART WorkSpace

The workplace is no longer a place, it’s what people do! The SMART WorkSpace is an innovative offering that helps you to create a digital-ready, connected workforce that boosts end-user productivity, improves business agility, and reduces overall IT costs.
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A Partnership Committed to Innovation in the Digital Age

Capgemini and Intel have gained the confidence and trust of some of the world’s leading enterprises by helping them to better understand and leverage innovation. And with innovative solutions that are smart, connected and tailored to customer needs, the partnership has been able to help companies unlock the true value of their business in the digital age.

Contact our experts today to learn how Capgemini and Intel can help you to better understand and leverage innovation to make your company smart, digital and more connected; unlocking the true value of your business.


IoT for Consumer Goods and Retail Businesses


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