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La velocidad del cambio está poniendo en tela de juicio los métodos comerciales tradicionales y perturbando la relevancia de industrias enteras.

Applications Unleashed

Show me your application landscape and I’ll tell you about your company. In a world of parallel, digital realities this is more than ever true.

Assessment and Transformation Roadmap

Using a robust analysis, Capgemini can recommend the best path forward for your policy administration transformation

Automotive Marketing, Sales & Service

The vehicle buying process is growing increasingly complex, with consumers relying more on the Internet, blogs and online social media sites to help guide their decisions. Capgemini’s proven expertise in automotive strategy, process, infrastructure, and retail can help businesses win customers and achieve sustainable profits.

Automotive Supply Chain Management

Efficient supply chain management helps forward-thinking automotive companies reduce their costs. We draw on expertise in global emerging-market sourcing, master data management, order-to-delivery transformation and supplier relationship management to help you improve your automotive supply chain

AutomotiveConnect: Commercial Vehicles

The commercial vehicle business currently looks healthy, but even compared with the rest of the automotive industry it is a highly cyclical business, with OEMs well aware that they are extremely vulnerable to peaks and troughs in demand.

AutomotiveConnect: Heavy Equipment

The heavy equipment business currently looks healthy, with sales expected to increase across all segments. But despite the buoyancy of the industry, manufacturers face disruptive change, and they need to review their whole way of doing business to respond to current opportunities and challenges

AutomotiveConnect: OEM

Is your automotive company positioned to provide innovative, targeted services to Generation Connected throughout the customer lifecycle from interest and purchase to ownership and repurchase? We will steer you down the right digital transformation path

AutomotiveConnect: Retailer

Next-generation digital solutions offer insight into running the retail business holistically, and can help to ensure retailers stay ahead of the competition for the digital market of the future

AutomotiveConnect: Supplier

Tier 1 suppliers are generally doing well in today’s buoyant economy, but need to strengthen their position in advance of future disruptions. As a Tier 1 you know you have to tackle the need for global standardization, while at the same time continuing to innovate, and deriving more business value from data

AutoPath accelerates the SAP journey

Capgemini’s AutoPath is a solution for organizations that want to align different operational/production plans with execution and review performance measures for continuous improvement by balancing capacity.

Banking & Financial Services Partnerships

In order to bring the best possible solutions to our leading clients in banking and financial services, Capgemini has established global and regional strategic relationships over many years with leading industry technology and financial services innovators.

Basel III Compliance Services

Capgemini provides an end-to-end holistic view and domain expertise to help firms go beyond minimum requirements and exceed shareholder expectations while avoiding costly mistakes