Digitalization of the Chemicals and Life Sciences Industry

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Even with farmers, large and small, data and use of digital tech are now key enablers. Meanwhile, healthcare is taking advantage of blockchain to improve patient care, privacy, and drug safety. For life science laboratories, digital saves time and money.

Blockchain: A healthcare industry view

Sharmistha Dash, Anirban Majumdar, Prasanna Gunjikar

Feeding 10 billion people in 2050. Debunking the digital myths in agriculture

Jacko Obels, Alex Bulat, Paul-Adrien Genet

Cybersecurity in the Agrifood sector. Securing data as a crucial asset for agriculture.

Through the introduction of advanced sensing and monitoring technology the agrifood sector increasingly uses the possibilities of IoT as well as third party data. But data security is vital to the success of agribusiness as digital gains traction.

Insights into Blockchain. Opportunities and challenges across multiple industries.

Blockchain is simply a safe, verifiable, de-centralized reckoning and record of not only economic transactions, but virtually everything else. Healthcare organizations have outpaced a lot of other industries when it comes to Blockchain adoption.

Beyond the Pill—the new digital value chain in pharmaceutical

Marcel Müller

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Marcel Mueller

Principal, Head of BTech CLS

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