Technical Documentation Services

Capgemini offers a flexible and efficient outsourcing option to produce high-quality technical publications. From maintenance manuals to parts catalogs, we provide a consistently strong service level while ensuring strict compliance with international specifications.

Helping You Improve Customer Service and Cost Savings

Capgemini delivers technical content management services that provide operational cost savings and help you improve customer service. Our solutions enhance return-on-investment of technical content management outsourcing and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Our technical content management offerings include:

Capgemini offers a broad range of experience in developing and deploying innovative technical publication solutions, including:
  • SGML authoring
  • XML authoring
  • CGM intelligent graphics
  • Digital delivery methods

Through these offerings, we help aerospace and defense companies:
  • Create new manuals
  • Revise and maintain existing manuals
  • Create new illustrations
  • Modify existing illustrations

With the digitization and integration of information systems, Capgemini has the ability to fully integrate technical publications with engineering, manufacturing and maintenance information systems.

A Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Approach to Content Production

Capgemini’s approach to technical documentation is based on instrumented processes, and goes beyond corporate and regulatory compliance. We believe that technical writing should complement and enhance product offerings with comprehensive, consistent information. We work with you from the beginning to produce content that is cost effective and aligned with your needs.

World-Class Technical Content Expertise

Development and production of technical publications is a critical function for aerospace and defense companies. Capgemini’s experience in technical content management enables us to provide savings and maintain high standards through strict compliance with international specifications, including S1000D.

With more than 300 A&D engineers and technicians at our center in Bangalore, India, we offer a flexible business process outsourcing option. We worked with Bombardier, the world’s third-largest civil aviation manufacturer, to implement a world-class technical content management system.

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