CHROME is the industrialization & innovation vehicle of Capgemini responsible for harvesting & creation of intellectual property leveraging varied experiences in the automotive and manufacturing space.

Drive Innovation across Automotive and Manufacturing

Manufacturers today will thrive, survive or be left behind based on their ability to innovate and capitalize on opportunities. To thrive, companies need to be agile.

Our Center of Excellence, CHROME, streamlines and optimizes your business processes to:

  • Reduce the overall cost of ownership
  • Increase efficiencies when implementing projects
  • Avoid risky investments and complex customizations

Our Solutions


  • End-to-end Manufacturing process model across different sub verticals of Manufacturing
  • Business process management to help organizations improve the visibility and control of business processes.



  • Pre configured ready to run scenarios along with supporting documentation



  • Preconfigured templates for manufacturing that covers all standard integration scenarios
  • Can be easily customized to adapt to company-specific data and process requirements
  • Helps leverage past knowledge to enhance products & avoid creating duplicate designs and parts


Digital Transformation

  • Deliver immersive experience to potential customers
  • Replace the standard user manuals with mobile solution to provide fast & precise information
  • Take decisions with access to product knowledge wherever and whenever you need it

Working Alongside the Top Manufacturers and Suppliers

Our strong manufacturing specialists at CHROME benchmark and industrialize leading practices.

This cultivated expertise has led us to build close relationships with some of leading manufacturers in the world. We work with:

  • 90% of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the high-tech industry
  • 14 of the largest automotive manufacturers
  • 10 out of 12 largest tier-one suppliers
  • eight of the largest networking and telecoms equipment manufacturers
  • eight out of ten of the consumer electronics manufacturers
  • seven of the top ten aviation, aerospace and defense 
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