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Industry 4.0 provides the key for Esaote’s transformation

With its Industry 4.0 solution, Capgemini in Italy enabled Esaote to achieve improved efficiency as well as reduced time-to-market and costs.

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Conversational Commerce – It’s more than talking to Alexa

How we find and purchase what we need for home or business runs the gamut from in-store shopping, to phone orders, to online or mobile buying. Conversational Commerce is a new, powerful way to interact with the commercial world.
Customer 360 Digital Manufacturing Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries

Towards a Smart Customer 360

How can manufacturers realize the potential of digital industrial revolution?

analytics big data Business Intelligence Utilities

Utilities don’t have a big data problem—they have a big problem with data

Intelligent grids are collecting vast amounts of information but utilities need to determine how to tap into this business intelligence

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CyberattacksCybersecurityDigital TransformationEnergy and Utilities

Cybersecurity: An essential condition for the digital transformation of utilities

Cyberattacks have hit all segments of the Utilities value chain. Utilities needs to defend itself better against attacks to continue on its digital transformation journey
API adoptionbankingfintech

APIs enable bank/FinTech collaboration

FinTech/bank collaboration is a win-win situation as each leverages the other’s strength.
Contract managementMachine Learning

Don’t expect your machines to walk before they can crawl

Are you struggling to teach your machine learning tools and becoming impatient with the results?

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