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Consumers are adopting smart speakers an order of magnitude faster than they did the smartphone. The devices, and the voices assistants which inhabit them, will change shopping forever, creating a new era: Conversational Commerce. Read the paper to learn more.

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digital customer experiencePegasystemsPublic Sector

Citizen Services Solution (CSS)

Effective Digital Government Services: Connecting governments and citizens for extraordinary mutual value with greater business efficiency and an enhanced user experience.
AlphaGo Artificial Intelligence Deep Mind

AlphaGo documentary on Google’s Deep Mind Artificial Intelligence

The maturation of deep learning and neural networks are a couple of the more important breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence.

2018 predictions Technovision trends

No Predictions 2018—Design for Digital

Without “digital,” what remains is design, how to design, how to think design, how to feel design?

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Digitizationsocial businesssocial mediasocial selling

Social language, social business, social deals

The emergence of social networks has significantly influenced the digitization of communications. Social networks are here to stay and they have changed our communication habits inexorably.
Applicationsclouddevopsrpasupply chain

The Constrained CIO—case study 1— unique supply chain challenges on a global scale

How can a unique global supply chain address some of the constraints of the past to achieve some of the benefits of the future under unique market conditions?
iotsapSAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo—Minimizing production downtime with predictive maintenance

How SAP Leonardo, accompanied by IoT, can be leveraged to minimise production downtime with predictive maintenance.

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