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Join Capgemini experts Dan O’Riordan and Rene Claudio as they explore the current state and future of cloud native.

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Our Brand

2017 is a landmark year for Capgemini as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. With that comes a refresh of our brand’s visual identity, reflecting our unique human and innovative character.


As a woman, you bring a unique perspective to business challenges. To get the most out of your talents, you need a solid support network. That’s why we adopted the Women@Capgemini program: it leverages all of our people’s talent through initiatives based on the “equal opportunities, equal chances” principle.

Capgemini50 rebranding

Aligning the stars: when and why a company should change its brand identity

After thirteen years, Capgemini has a new brand identity. Here are how the stars aligned.

Latest from our Experts

Digital TPAIBASinsurance

How Digital TPAs Deliver Faster Growth for Insurance Companies Through “No Regret” Product Launches

Digital TPAs enable insurance companies to launch new insurance products quickly and at a significantly lower cost.
Artificial IntelligenceDigital healthHealthcareMachine Learning

Artificial Intelligence: Google’s DeepMind learned without human input

Over the past several years, AI has made significant progress in a wide variety of areas such as image and speech recognition, drug discovery, and algorithmic trading. How are the improvements in AI making this happen?
crmCustomer ExperienceCX

What a CRM system does NOT do for you

Your CRM system is as good as the information your employees enter in it. No CRM system is capable of “making up” data for you.

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