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When implementing AI, you need to walk before you can run. But what does process optimization look like in the real-world and how do you get there? Well, when it comes to getting the best ROI from your new AI process – you need to have a good plan to get started.

When implementing artificial intelligence (AI), always remember: “slow and steady wins the race.” “Slow,” we hear you shout, “I need to adapt fast or risk upsetting my customers!” True. But this saying doesn’t mean slow in the traditional sense – it means doing things properly now will ensure processes flow much easier in the future. This mindset is key for an effective AI implementation.

Simplify your business operations by leveraging a digital transformation platform

Before you can start on your AI implementation journey, you need to review how your processes work, and to revisit and calibrate your starting points if necessary. To achieve this, I recommend leveraging Capgemini’s Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) – a flexible digital business transformation platform that provides a complete overview of your people, processes, technology, and governance. D-GEM also features control points, which accelerate the transition to transformed, future-proof, truly frictionless processes – ensuring the entire process flows like water.

The D-GEM platform also includes a rapid assessment tool that enables you to ask the right questions, which makes scoping your options easier. This enables you to establish the potential ROI that introducing AI will make to different processes – both in terms of immediate local impact and general contribution. This will help you identify the business cases to be made for each potential AI intervention – enabling you to decide where to concentrate your focus.

Finally, D-GEM also acts as Capgemini’s delivery platform for our Frictionless Enterprise concept, part of which includes our Intelligent Process Automation offering to ensure your AI implementation is a success. Our intelligent automation experts help you build a digitally augmented workforce at scale, seamlessly connecting your people and processes – whenever it is needed..

D-GEM drives effective AI implementation

Leveraging D-GEM, enables you to clearly understands your business environment, and properly streamline and improve your processes. After which you can start to consider a truly effective organization-wide AI plan – instead of just addressing individual pain points.

This is where an SAP S/4HANA transition can begin, harnessing the power of digitization to improve the way resources are managed and leveraged. Process efficiencies can also be brought together with AI at this stage to extend and enhance your client’s environment. Finally, new and higher volumes of data can also be interpreted and acted upon in real-time at this time – faster than they have been before.

Client success in leveraging AI

But what does an effective AI implementation look like from a real-world perspective? Well, by leveraging our proven D-GEM platform:

  • A global online payment platform was able to reduce its fraud rate to just 0.32% of revenue. It did this by taking stock of current processes and by optimizing routines, before introducing a sophisticated deep learning system that analyzes transactions in real time
  • While a transport company was able to introduce a new AI-based case management solution into their operations. This solution streamlined and automated their customer correspondence management processes which led to an 85% reduction in manual case preparation and handling effort.

However, there are a few key principles implicit in these case histories. These include:

  • Improving process efficiency by actively looking for AI opportunities will pay dividends – both in its own terms and as the foundation for more successful AI implementations moving forward
  • Optimizing platforms during transformations will increase the effectiveness of any newly introduced tool
  • Collaborating across business units when preparing for the SAP S/4HANA transition will enable process blueprints to be more detailed and comprehensive – increasing the likelihood of success for the new target operating model.

AI simplifies your response to world events

Finally, remember that pre-assessments and plans are more important than ever in these uncertain times. As global difficulties continue to increase, such assessments will provide you with the ability to focus on more business-critical areas for your organization. Furthermore these assessments will also identify when things need to be ramped up – or scaled back – in line with changing conditions and needs.

With embedded AI, business practices will achieve more autonomy, leaving your workforce free to concentrate on the business-critical areas that they are more suited for – such as exception handling and business development. These practices will also be more flexible – responding swiftly and smartly to any situation – during volatile market conditions.

This means that AI isn’t just some irrelevant, pre-crisis buzz phrase – it’s something that, when properly planned out, will make a real difference, ensuring information between your people and processes flows more easily moving forward.

Want to learn more about how you can make your AI implementations easier and how you can make information between your people and processes flow like water? Download the TechnoVision 2021 report today to find out more today.

To learn more about how Capgemini’s Intelligent Process Automation offering can help your organization build a digitally augmented workforce at scale, contact:

Priya GaneshPriya Ganesh has worked for Capgemini for the last 12 years, first as a Solutions Architect and now as a Senior Director leading the solutions and transformation practice across APAC. She enables clients in their transformation journey, leveraging Capgemini’s key assets and collaboration across our Group.

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