The experience gap you didn’t know you had

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Oscar Wilde said, “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” The perception of customers using products and services is not intangible. Are you invested in understanding your customers better?

The experience gap between what organizations deliver and what their customers perceive continues to be a crucial challenge for organizations worldwide. Even today, majority of organizations don’t regularly and efficiently track their customer interactions that can help them understand why customers felt the way they did. The storyline certainly begets the opportunity of what a perceived experience gap can bring.

Simply put, does it matter if this perception of customer experience is replicated or not? We believe it does, for three reasons: you become more profitable, you lose fewer customers, and you become more efficient in your operations. We’ve noticed that increasing customer retention rates has a direct correlation to increased profits. A seamless, effortless experience results in a much higher percentage of customers who are likely to repurchase your products and services.

This brings us back to having the CEOs get a reality check on how their customers truly feel. At the Capgemini SAP Center of Excellence, we run workshops that help uncover the pain-points and challenges that companies face by first getting employees to act as customers themselves and train them to decouple looking at the front-office and back-office functions alone.

The key point here is that if you are not handing the X+O (experience + operational) data together, you won’t get what is expected and instead you’ll drain a lot of money and time. Closing the experience gap with trusted data is key, and in this five-blog series we will explore and discuss what’s coming your way, culminating on our Qualtrics solution, which we will showcase at SAPPHIRE 2020.

The debate is not about the legacy on-prem CRM vs. the new cloud and intelligent technologies, but about why your investment needs more punch and impact. Getting the O-data in order is just a part of the success. Getting the O-data in line is an inside-out approach even if you start from the market outside-in. How to get the O-data & X-data to act as a team and not just another too – that’s the trick. Sounds odd, but let’s give it a try. Some of the topics we will cover in our blog series include:

  1. C/4HANA: how the suite will get you connected with your customers
  2. S/4HANA: the digital core, a new lifestyle (the Renewable Enterprise)
  3. Qualtrics: how to be an associate of your customers
  4. Are you bridging the gap, let us share our experience with Qualtrics

To learn more, visit our SAP CX webpage or reach out to me!

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