Maximizing your company’s performance with S/4HANA

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S/4 is not an upgrade. With the right foundations, it is a technology platform that allows companies to adapt at the speed of business today.

Data is driving market disruption and growth. Companies are experiencing exponential growth in data from all sources, such as customers, IoT, and social media. Companies know they need to use the data to respond to changing markets. Research has shown insights-driven businesses are growing more quickly, they are more likely to acquire customers and retain them, and they are often more profitable.

But where do you begin? You want to add adaptability, flexibility, and agility across your business, from your manufacturing to accounting to product development. However, business units and IT departments are struggling to extract actionable information from disparate data sources to accelerate the business.  At the same time, IT budgets are either shrinking or stagnant as enterprise needs grow.

Many businesses rely on SAP’s software. An industry standard, SAP software provides companies stability to run critical applications. And now SAP is offering customers an evolution with the introduction of S/4HANA. It will drive groundbreaking change to digital business and beyond.

S/4HANA is different because it helps customers solve data issues by building a strong digital core that can support the evolution of a business. S/4HANA creates a database that runs in-memory with data stored in columns, allowing for faster near-real-time analytics and compute capabilities. It is not about doing the same thing a little bit better, custom solutions, or lists of requirements. This moves your business to the next level.

The future is about personalization, agility, and customer experience, and S/4HANA delivers. But embracing digital business is more than just fantastic software. Ferrari owners do not fill their tanks with low-octane gas – they make sure their fuel matches the power intentions of the automotive engineers. The same concept applies to S/4HANA and Intel.

Intel has developed technology that generates the best results with S/4HANA. Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory extracts more value from larger datasets than other chipsets. It is an innovative type of memory that lowers Total Cost of Ownership, performs close to a DRAM, and offers data persistency.

Together, S/4HANA and Intel DC Persistent Memory deliver what businesses need:

  • Business continuity: Deploy robust disaster recovery and backup systems and reduce restart times. Data is written into memory, so when a server is down for maintenance, restart times are dramatically reduced
  • Increased memory capacity: Improved memory footprint for transactional and analytical workloads to support advanced use cases. Increase scale-up capabilities for larger S/4HANA and BW/4HANA deployments
  • Efficiencies: Consolidation of S/4HANA nodes can lower TCO and infrastructure costs by consolidating scale-out deployments onto fewer servers with larger memory footprints.

The possibilities with S/4HANA are exciting. It is truly building an intelligent enterprise. But making sure you have the right partners and technology to maximize the opportunity is important. The capabilities are astounding. It is time to change your mindset and embrace the possibilities of digital business.

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