A can-do attitude opens doors to opportunity

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At Capgemini, if you’re willing to take a risk, to push yourself forward and say “yes” to new opportunities, you’ll be amazed at where your career can take you.

Working with Capgemini was my first job after university, and I’ve been here for more than ten years now. I graduated with an MSc in computer science, and at that time lots of global companies were opening their offices in Poland. Capgemini was among the first. I sent in my CV and got my first role working on IT processes for big customers in the UK and France.

Find ways to make an impact

I was working with international clients from day one, supporting their IT infrastructure and executing their processes. Those early years were all about getting to know how the company works. From the outset, I was always looking for better ways to do things, to improve operational processes so that we could free up time and resources to focus on our clients and deliver the highest quality services. I created a set of automation tools that saved time on some key processes. My manager supported this effort, saw the value of the work I was doing and encouraged it. That’s something all my managers at Capgemini have done; recognized and encouraged good ideas that deliver value for customers and our business.

Personally, I know I have real drive and a “can-do” attitude, which has enabled me to constantly reinvent myself and capitalize on new opportunities within Capgemini. The team spirit at Capgemini is also one of the best. There’s a real sense of community; of people working together, respecting each other’s skills and talents, and supporting each other. If you are open to new opportunities, there are plenty to be taken.

Forge new paths

I moved into a more technical role, helping to solve business problems using technology, which was a great experience. My next big opportunity came when the business wanted to initiate “Infrastructure Transformation Services” to complement its operational services. With my process knowledge and technology skills, I was appointed as one of the core team responsible for developing this unit in Poland. We had a truly inspirational manager and it was an exciting but also challenging time. In a short period, I had to develop my consulting skills, pass a set of technical exams, understand how to support sales, bring value to customers, and learn how different customers define success. The company supported me by providing access to mentors and training. There was lots of travel; we were working with Microsoft as a partner and with some of the biggest companies in the region. It was hard work, but it gave me a greater understanding of the market and the set of core skills that I now recognize are the foundation of my career.

I became a senior consultant in the digital workspace area, meeting lots of interesting customers, making connections, and working with some truly awesome colleagues. During this period, I extended my knowledge and technical skills, as well as my people-management skills. Capgemini is essentially a people business, and having the right people is the most important factor in success. What began as a small Infrastructure Transformation Services unit in Poland has developed into a strong Projects & Consulting team of 400 people, and is still growing. Most members of the core team are still at Capgemini in senior positions. For me it was a huge privilege to be part of this success from the very beginning.

Apply your skills to different challenges

My next step was into the “shift left” task force, which is involved in developing solutions to optimize automation and self-service opportunities – ultimately saving time and resources for our clients and our business.

While I was working on this, a new opportunity arose to be part of a team developing an innovative global portfolio of digital workplace solutions. After a very inspiring and memorable meeting in Krakow with two global leaders, my colleague and I were given a chance to work in UK with the best architects on developing the new portfolio. This was the beginning of a more global role for me, involving a lot of hard work, collaboration, innovation, different challenges, and expanding my skills in enterprise architecture.

Find solutions to customer needs

Once the portfolio was ready, I was involved in promoting it widely and supporting sales opportunities. We created a showcase environment in Krakow where we could demonstrate the products to visiting customers. We had a comprehensive digital workplace portfolio that addressed key trends and pain points, but I felt something was missing. A key part of the employee experience is the office environment; the physical place where people work and interact with their technology. So we started developing new element of workplace portfolio. I spent three months working 14-hour days. We worked with a client setting up a new office in Toronto, looking at the latest office innovations and shaping our own portfolio to incorporate the best digital workspace technology. The result was successful project and a green light from management to develop further our Connected Office solution.

Creating the right employee experience is so important for businesses today, as they compete to attract and retain the best talent. After months of hard work, Connected Office became part of our global digital workplace portfolio, called Connected Employee Experience. I’m the global lead, and I’m proud to have a great team around me supporting customers in making their offices smart and exciting places of work. It’s proving to be a differentiator for Capgemini in a highly competitive market. What’s more, Capgemini was recognized this year as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Workplace services. It’s very rewarding to be contributing to this great success.

Think globally

I’m now putting LEAD into action by working with other business units across Capgemini to make our joint digital workplace/employee experience offering one of the most complete on the market. We’re developing unified messages and value propositions for the market to help us push this solution worldwide. It’s just one way in which we are working to present a unified Capgemini to our clients, offering broad and integrated solutions that can be applied to many different companies and drive business opportunities for our Group.

Love your career

To summarize what I love most about working at Capgemini, it is:

  1. Working with different cultures. When you work in different countries, you learn a lot about people and behaviors, and how to talk to different groups.
  2. Global opportunities and entrepreneurial culture. At Capgemini you can help to shape the global portfolio, and really have an impact. People recognize hard work, and you get to bring value, to drive new ideas and transform them into services for customers. In other words: you don’t need to join a startup to experience the excitement of creating something new – you can do it in a big company like Capgemini.
  3. The people around you. Capgemini has a great team spirit. There are exciting moments, and there’s always something new happening that you can be involved in.

To find your own way into the global team at Capgemini, take a look at the opportunities available.

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