What is SAP Service Cloud?

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SAP Service Cloud is part of the SAP C/4HANA suite of customer-facing solutions and, as its name suggests, is focused on delivering great customer service.

Rich with standard functionality, all of which is built on SAP’s responsive Fiori responsive user interface, the product can cater for any service requirement, whether it be B2C (Business-to-Consumer), B2B (Business-to-Business) or internal employee support scenarios.

Why SAP Service Cloud could be the answer both you and your customers have been looking for

Configuration is quick and easy, meaning lead times for building a basic solution are often greatly reduced and, being a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product, businesses are not forced to sign up to long and costly licence agreements, instead only paying a subscription fee based on the number of active users.

The Comprehensive Ticket Management functionality provides huge flexibility when it comes to recording, processing, and resolving service requests. Moreover, standard pre-packaged integration content between Service Cloud and SAP ECC allows for front- and back-office processes to tie up seamlessly. Huge value can be realized in this area, especially when it comes to handling field service scenarios; a work ticket in SAP Service Cloud can have spare parts consumption, time, and expenses recorded against it, all of which can then drive stock and financial processes in back-end SAP ECC as standard.

As mentioned earlier, SAP’s Fiori UI is highly user friendly, simple, and intuitive to use, meaning user adoption and buy-in are high, in contrast to many older legacy systems that have been over-engineered and whose screens are cluttered and require extensive training to successfully navigate.

Furthermore, SAP offers a Service Cloud mobile app for Android and iOS which, once configured (which takes moments), fully mobilizes your workforce enabling field agents to receive, amend, and complete assignments while on the move, all in real time.

How Capgemini can help you revolutionise your customer service

Capgemini has a proven track record when it comes to delivering SAP Service Cloud solutions and has recently enjoyed particular success within the water utilities industry, a market which is currently very buoyant when it comes to digital transformation and customer service.

Our ability to use existing features offered by SAP to meet a client’s needs is one of our standout capabilities and one specific feature we recently delivered for a SAP Service Cloud water utility client was integration with GIS Map (Geographic Information System – a solution provided by ESRI).

This function was built to automatically display the specific location of the installation point against which the Service Cloud ticket had been created, as well as display the client’s “clean” or “waste” water network plotted on a fully interactive map. This was achieved by capturing the X/Y coordinates of the Installation Point (e.g. a customer property) when creating a new ticket within Service Cloud and categorizing the ticket as either “clean” or “waste” before passing the data synchronously to a BSP application in ECC, which would then call ESRI to fetch the geospatial data relevant to the area of the confirmed installation point in Service Cloud.

A user-friendly toggle function allowed for seamless switching between “clean” and “waste” views of the client’s water network, providing a means of quickly viewing current incidents (Service Notifications and Service Orders) or existing fixed company assets (e.g., manholes/sewers) within a 25 km default radius of a specific location, but which could be further scaled up or down to suit the user’s requirement.

Users were also given the ability to create brand new service notifications and service orders from SAP Service Cloud via the GIS Map by simply confirming and submitting the X/Y coordinates for the desired location, which were then passed to ECC triggering the creation of a new service notification and service order. This was another synchronous integration service whereby data was replicated in real time between SAP Service Cloud and ECC.

Solutions such as this deliver noticeable value to a business, as processes become markedly more streamlined and quicker to execute and this is where Capgemini can help you unlock real value. This specific solution was rolled out to approximately 400 users and has been received with critical acclaim.

Sounds great, but what next?

Capgemini, as a key partner of SAP, can help you on your digital transformation journey and, more specifically, revolutionize your customer service offering. We are uniquely equipped to deliver proofs of concept and prototype solutions in short time frames, following on from discovery sessions or design thinking brainstorming sessions at our Innovation Center.

For more information on how to take your first steps towards great customer service, please contact our C/4HANA experts.


Sanket Shah – C/4HANA Solution Architect

Martin Leary – C/4HANA Functional Consultant

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