Partner ecosystem model transforming the utilities industry

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New market entrants are driving a shift away from traditional business models towards one more focused on partners and ecosystems. Are utilities ready to compete against Google and Apple?

Utilities are facing new challenges. Equipment suppliers are now in competition and collaboration with their utilities clients. Non-traditional plays such as Google, Apple, and Amazon are entering the market to supply their own energy needs.

Utilities that move to a partner ecosystem model will thrive and grow, but most do not have a mature or well-established partner system in place. It is time to build one. From suppliers to technology partners, creating a trusted partner model can help utilities not only compete but grow in the new energy market.

Capgemini’s Energy & Utilities senior advisor, Perry Stoneman, and I, discuss how capacity, supply, and demand are set to collide and create a new model. Innovative ecosystems have the power to add value and find new revenue streams, and to bring services rather than just a commodity to your customers.

Listen to how utilities need to choose their priorities and not rely on the traditional approaches for this new business model.

For more energy and utilities insights and analysis, tune into our World Energy Markets Observatory podcast and read our blog on five trends that will transform energy and utilities in 2019.

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