Implement a trusted customer relationship through a 360-degree view and produce effective business insights

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Big companies are always striving to potentialize their brands and retain their clients. But to do this, they first have to know their clients well.

People these days are swamped. Not only are they constantly bombarded with information from different channels, but they also need to get things done – pay their bills, buy groceries, prepare presentations – it’s a routine that regularly mixes their personal and professional lives.

Capgemini understands this new “on-life” lifestyle, as a result of which people are online all the time and we know that the GenZ generation will only be happy as the level of connection they can establish during their routines. For more details, please refer to our report.

To engage this new generation of clients, large organizations must first “know” them. Due to past acquisitions and a huge set of systems to manage client data, the big companies simply don’t know their clients and recognize that this is a challenge.

To address it, it’s necessary to establish a 360-degree view mechanism which will be the basis for brand empowerment, until the dream of engaging the client in a trusted relationship is achieved. This mechanism will make it possible to understand clients’ behavior, lifestyle, relationship with the company, preferred digital channels, and historical data.

Once the company knows its clients, it can produce insights into their preferred digital channels, frequency, and modality. This, in turn, will increase client loyalty. To do this, you have to collect insights across all digital and physical channels, and enhance your 360-degree view.

Capgemini can accompany our clients from the “discover” phase, up to the “implementation” and “impacting” phases, delivering customer experience solutions that are integrated with insights and data foundations, and enhance this with our artificial intelligence expertise. For more details please check our service page.

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