Younger demographic driving HR transformation

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The “Experience Age” applies to employees, not just customers. Younger workers now expect more than traditional HR processes. Companies investing in a holistic user journey for their employees are seeing better job-offer acceptance, satisfaction, and retention.

Younger employees are often more interested in rapid career development than in the employment stability that may have attracted their parents. They want the opportunity to shape their workplace experiences on their own terms.

For the younger demographic, the quality of experiences takes priority over the quantity of information they can access. It is a move into the “Experience Age,” where putting the human experience at the center of everything is having a profound impact on both customers and employees.

Companies need to acknowledge that the employee experience needs to be on par with the customer experience. There is a generation coming to the workforce that have spent most of their lives with a smartphone in their hands and they expect all their interactions to deliver the same kind of performance. This means that many HR departments are rethinking internal systems so they can attract and retain the right talent.

Moving from process to experience

At Airbnb, for example, the Chief HR Officer changed his title to Chief Employee Experience Officer and, as of 2015, the company could claim that 90% of employees recommend Airbnb as a great place to work and it averages a 90% acceptance rate on job offers.

Focusing on your employees can pay dividends. We helped one client move its global operations from process to experience. It took a more holistic view of the user journey, rather than merely delivering daily process transactions.

Instead of having internal HR and IT teams focused on individual projects or applications-based execution, it chose a new path to create a set of product leaders tasked with aligning to six core products: HR technologies, employee productivity, learning and development, employee services, payroll and benefits, and HR analytics and learning.

Our client also acknowledged the role of geography and that what is right in one country may not be the same in another. It introduced hyper-personalization to make sure every member of the global organization got the experience they want from the tool they use at work. The result was a new persona-based application built for the needs identified by users and which delivered the same kind of experience as a consumer-focused app.


Investing leads to retention

Research conducted by author Jacob Morgan, one of world’s leading authorities on the future of work, and employee experience found that “experiential organizations had more than four times the average profit and more than two times the average revenue.”

It may not seem like a big change but eliminating millions of mouse clicks across your team and managers has a very positive impact on the user experience. Providing employees self-service options means they can access information when they want to rather than waiting for a response from HR.

Prioritizing platforms that encourage collaboration and engagement is an investment in one of your most important assets. Moving from processes to experience provides employees with the tools they need to excel at their jobs and gives them a voice. Creating a place for honest and genuine conversation will bring value across your entire organization.

Lalit Khandelwal, EVP and Head of Industrial Markets heads the Millennial Innovation Council at Capgemini. You can write to him at

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