Put your Architecture team in the middle, with “Archi Reboot”!

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In our Digital world, where yearly paradigm shifts have become the norm, a shared vision of the importance of architecture has led to a reboot of the enterprise architect role in many companies.

Architecture of Information Systems is now expected to:

  • Speed up execution to accelerate the time to market
  • Put in place a clear, agile and value-added interaction with customers
  • Open the Information System to all partners and foster the company’s image as an innovator
  • Improve quality of service and monitor processes
  • Target IT rationalization through vision & consistency in solutions selection

Meanwhile we regularly observe the following challenges:

  • Misunderstanding by the Business of the value brought by the Information System
  • Need to adapt application lifecycles to address differing IT dynamics
  • Lack of consolidated view on how projects impact the IT landscape
  • Unclear governance of the architecture roadmap
  • Shadow IT in countries / subsidiaries

Such challenges make it difficult to meet business priorities and their related requirements on the Information System.

In this context, I accompany my customers to create / adapt their architecture team through the following “Archi Reboot” approach.

“Archi Reboot” principle means working on all aspects of the architecture within a short timeframe: first Vision & Engagement, but also People, Process, Projects, Business and Technology:

Archi Reboot

“Archi Reboot” results in 4 main outcomes:

  • Structuration of architecture team
  • Accompaniment of architecture team till the target of its full autonomy
  • Roadmap for architecture
  • Launch of prioritized streams

This approach is built in an iterative way with short cycles.

Quick convergence is key in order to have regular sanity checks with all stakeholders, both from IS and Business, and thus to ensure that all sides agree on the conclusions and on how to achieve them to target their full engagement.

If you want to know more about this “Archi Reboot” approach that I put in place with my customers, feel free to contact me!

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