How to leverage change skills for child safeguarding and equality

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Right To Play

In a time of upheaval and technological progress, a great many children are still suffering from the effects of war and poverty. They are neither treated according to their rights, nor even being aware having of them. Furthermore, from a very early age, girls’ and women’s basic human rights are persistently denied. Right To Play is a child rights organization whose designated goal is to approach the challenges of child protection and gender equality with education and empowerment. With 470 employees around the globe and programs in 15 countries, the NGO teaches children important knowledge and skills while educating them about their rights. Their mission is to protect, educate, and empower children to rise above adversity using the power of play.

The Lighthouse Project

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a core element of Capgemini’s Group Strategy. Our mission is to use our expertise to drive positive change with a focus on diversity, digital inclusion, and environmental sustainability. As the German team of Capgemini Invent, we launched our own social initiatives four years ago and started working with Right To Play in 2017. Through our pro-bono project “The Lighthouse Project” we leveraged Right To Play’s cultural transformation and change management capability with the goal of increasing child protection and the equality of all genders.


Culture Change Roadmap for Right To Play

Our first step was to equip Right To Play with a culture-change roadmap. This cultural navigation plan contained sequential phases for communication and education initiatives, which jointly targeted the increase of child protection and gender equality

Example of employee learning journey for gender equality

Additionally, we designed employee-centric learning journeys which allowed each employee to have an individual development plan towards becoming an ambassador for greater child protection and gender equality. A central aspect of this learning journey was the integration of

digital learning solutions, tailored to the employee’s education needs. Therefore, we created a digital self-assessment, providing insights into their own development fields. Furthermore, we built prototypes for digital learning solutions, reflecting efficient and on-demand education measures.

The journey continues

Thus equipped, Right To Play is set for its cultural transformation. We are fully committed to the values Right To Play fights for and look forward to continuing to support the NGO on this journey. What step do you think will be the next? Stay curious!





Collaboration with Right To Play in KPIs

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