Here’s how a product-based DevOps approach can radically transform your business

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What does product-based DevOps really look like?

When implementing a product-based DevOps strategy, firstly, we define multiple product areas based on your business functions and current operations, and structure development teams around them. The result is a pragmatic approach with “product teams” feeding up into product clusters, which then expand into broader product areas.

Of course, different product and IT dynamics require different operating models – product-oriented setups will depend on your organization’s size, and business and integrative processes.

Customer-centric, 360° strategy and vision

Product teams work as independent, empowered units and assume total product ownership. They form the heart of your enterprise’s culture, orchestrating product-specific requests, technical improvements, and horizontal needs across cluster and area borders.

Product team members no longer solely execute based on demands but take a more strategic role within your services and operations. They embody and communicate your vision throughout your entire organization – and play an active role in creating:

  • Responsive, end-user-facing systems for better customer experiences
  • End-to-end Business and IT alignment that brings different stakeholders into a “One Team” culture for improved agility
  • Heightened speed and synchronicity within product areas and products for faster delivery

More products, more problems?

You can also find out more on how a product-oriented mindset, and embracing and implementing DevOps across your organization can really maximize business value in our joint report with Everest Group®: Applications Transformation for the Digital Age – From Delivery Excellence to Business Value.

To learn more about how we can help you deliver faster and create better customer experiences with product-based DevOps, please contact me here.

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