Enterprise nirvana* – Data curated by platforms leading to real-time insights

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Real-time insights is the enterprise nirvana* of the modern age.

Data (external and internal) curated by platforms (large enterprise software platforms with external first-party, second-party, and third-party data providers) leading to real-time insights across the entire customer lifecycle of marketing, sales, operations, and service is the magic bullet for CX that modern enterprises seek. No one player has the answer, but everyone’s looking for it. Different players are addressing the issue from their position of strength but the secret lies in the ability to seamlessly orchestrate across external and internal data sets to drive real-time insights at the point of contact needed.

And where does this external magical data sit? Well, with a combined market capitalization of over three trillion dollars, GAFAA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Alibaba), more recently known as the FATBAG Gang of Six (Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, Baidu, Ant, and Google), holds the data that consumer enterprises crave. These new data disruptors provide consumer enterprises with exactly what they need to drive the next-generation experience on their market-leading technology platforms.


The struggle to get a single version of truth inside the firewalls of enterprises is no less tricky with multiple systems of records across the back office, middle office, and front office, each driving its own complexity. Recently, the consortium of players comprising SAP and Microsoft came together with Adobe to drive an open data initiative model to start the process of unlocking the hidden enterprise value around data.


Add to that the ever-evolving government regulations and local laws that are strengthening the personal data domain for greater privacy and protection at the end-consumer level. But, it’s not that simple. Enterprises will have to build agility, speed, flexibility, and responsiveness into their CX platforms – mindful that what is allowed today, may well be restricted, or even prohibited, in the future. CX platform-based solutions are leading the thinking and breaking the mold to provide a peek into the future models to deliver sustainable transformation for our clients.  

Capgemini recently launched Capgemini Invent to drive and shape this space for orchestrating the strategy, sector expertise, data scientists, and, more importantly, the ability to get the right technology skills from the broader Capgemini Group for delivering on the promise of real-time insights for the whole CX journey.

Capgemini and Adobe

Capgemini has developed a strong partnership with Adobe which enables us to provide our clients everything they need in the CX/UX space. Capgemini’s Digital CX Practice focuses on Adobe Experience Cloud as a strategic technology platform to accelerate sector offerings such as Conversational CommerceSeamless Customer Engagement for the CPR Sector, and Connected Banking for the Financial Services Sector, to name a few.

At Summit London, we announced yesterday the strengthening of the Adobe partnership to drive a Design-Led CXM approach in close collaboration with Adobe Creative Cloud product suite. Check out the eBook Titled “Hack the Design System.”

Visit us at the Adobe Summit EMEA 2019 in London on May 15–16, where we are a gold sponsor showcasing market-leading solutions in financial services, CPR, manufacturing, automotive, life sciences, among others.

Meet our experts to discuss how you can shape your customer experience journey and see you at our booth. Travel safe


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