Windows 10: From panic to transformation

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How do you transform experiences with the great features the Windows 10 eco-system brings.

I speak with lots of clients about their approach to Windows 10 and they tend to fall into three camps:

  • Mode 1: In-panic
  • Mode 2: In-flight
  • Mode 3: In-transformation

Mode 1:  In-Panic

No-one likes panic from IT so let us focus there. Rebooting won’t fix this problem (contrary to my family view which is that it’s all we do in IT). The end of life of Windows 7 is not a shock, so your prime action should be to quickly look for someone else to blame. Once you’ve done that, you really should get the calculator out and go talk to the CFO. You’ll need cash for extended security updates and you’ll also need some cash for increasing your security posture (app control, privilege management, etc.). The next trick is to know how deep you are in the mire. A good assessment will do wonders in helping you understand the scale of the challenge. A good plan will provide you with a temporary shield but you need people, tools, and action pronto.

Mode 2:  In-flight

So you’re up and running. When will you finish and what are the blockers? Looking to accelerate deployments is a great idea – but can be challenging when you have a fixed budget and a burn rate that puts you in the red. In those circumstances, keep going as you are but in parallel re-assess options. Would a new approach allow you to accelerate? Would different financial constructs allow you to procure devices faster to replace ageing kit? Is there a set of tools that can increase automation, speed and responsiveness? You may also need to take some elements from “In Panic” and talk to the CFO about increasing security posture on remaining Windows 7 devices. Remember you are “In-flight” but you are going, remind your boss of Mode 1 – though your mission is to accelerate!

Mode 3:  In-transformation

There are many clients I speak with who are well advanced with their plans for Windows 10 deployment and servicing and have the bases covered. For you lucky souls a great new challenge awaits – how do you transform experiences with the great features the Windows 10 eco-system brings. Remember that Windows 7 was designed in days when a tweet came from a bird and home networks were only just moving to ADSL from dial-up. In technology terms it’s the equivalent of a car with a starting handle. Now advance to the Tesla S of operating systems where your device should boot from cold to operational in less than 40 seconds, where you should be able to login with your face, where you should be able to provide advanced threat protection and complete management from the cloud. Your experience should be as seamless as unboxing a new iPad (well in fact with Windows Autopilot it is simpler than that!). So Mode 3:  what you can do to transform experiences and become the hero!

Where is everyone on Mode 1 to Mode 3?

To put this into context, I see almost no-one In-Panic and most clients In-Flight. More and more clients are switching attention to Mode 3 and that is what really excites me about the opportunities that the Windows 10 ecosystem brings to make enterprise experiences for devices world class.

Recently, some great minds and I got together to discuss Windows 10.  We’ll make it more concise next time, but you’ll find some great soundbites in here: