The SAP-certified Capgemini Intelligent Supply Chain Accelerators

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We proudly present our latest set of three new certified accelerators powered by SAP® Leonardo for your journey on the Intelligent Enterprise.

My previous blog focused on the need for the intelligent enterprise. My question on whether an enterprise was intelligent was, in fact, rhetorical. Capgemini’s commitment to innovation over the past 50 years can be attributed not to a leadership push, but rather to the fact that we’ve ingrained innovation in our culture and DNA. At the Capgemini SAP Innovation Center, we are determined to deliver SAP-related, differentiated value-adds to our customers and to assist them on their journey towards the enterprise of the future.

Our team has been a strong proponent of walking-the-talk and talking-the-walk, and that’s why we are thrilled to be awarded SAP certifications for our three accelerators. The Capgemini Intelligent Supply Chain kit (comprising of the Cold Chain Logistics, Trusted Goods Consumer Dialogue, and Intelligent Shipping accelerators) is now officially powered by SAP® Leonardo. We were delighted to learn that we are the first company in Europe to have three certified accelerators and that they were all certified in one go.

These certifications are important not only because they prove that SAP officially recognizes our strengths, capabilities, and expertise. More importantly, the certification enables us to bring our innovations to all SAP users as part of SAP’s existing package and to assist them in their Intelligent Enterprise journey. These accelerators are built using the latest innovative technologies and supported by SAP based on sound architecture. The aim is for rapid deployments to help your company gain value faster on its journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

The Capgemini SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) understands how to create solutions for a flawlessly running supply chain for our clients. In the Intelligent Supply Chain, we focused on three different viewpoints. In Cold Chain, we focused on helping quality managers regulate quality standards during the transport of perishable goods. Our solution is more than a dashboard to track the goods. It is several built-in solutions for quality managers to choose from should a typical problem scenario arise. In Intelligent Shipping, we enabled transport managers to have a more data-driven overview during long-haul transport. And finally, with the Trusted Goods Consumer Dialogue, we offered something to both the end user and the quality manager. For the quality manager, it was ways to track and trace the transport of goods, to guarantee quality through the use of blockchain and a Near InfraRed spectrometer. For the end users, it was a chatbot to provide information from the blockchain that would improve traceability and bolster the level of trust for these goods.

Our differentiated portfolio innovation approach and design thinking methodology were key in development. With our portfolio innovation approach, we built these accelerators with different experts providing different business knowledge on different processes across geographies and business units in an agile way. We used the SAP Design Thinking method to guide us through the development of these use-cases, creating personae and storyboards that resulted in low- and high-fidelity designs. We used the SAP Cloud Platform to have a stable base for our SAP Leonardo-based developments.

Building use-cases and accelerators are complex in themselves, and even more complex when you sit at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. That’s why I’m extremely proud that we have developed a blockchain solution working with a chatbot, based on SAP Recast AI. Furthermore, we developed in-house IoT devices to monitor the perishable goods connecting them to SAP Leonardo (Cloud) Analytics.

Contact me to learn more about the power of SAP Leonardo. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise!




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