Decoding contract lifecycle management

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Contract lifecycle management can add value to your business and help your organization grow.

There are a number of questions that come up when thinking about contract management: do we need a contract management service? Isn’t my legal team already taking care of all the contracts? For most of the organizations, contracts form the basis of their business – and it is crucial we manage the contract lifecycle efficiently and effectively.

In this podcast, Agnieszka Chmiel (Head of iCCM/Contract Compliance & Optimization, Capgemini’s Business Services) says contract management is a team that ensures procurement, HR, and finance stakeholders work together to follow and get the most out of the contract; while Radoslaw Kowalski (Contract Manager, Contract Compliance & Optimization, Capgemini’s Business Services) says contract management is not as complex as it looks.

Listen to Agnieszka and Radoslaw talking about the contract lifecycle management (CLM) landscape and how it creates business value.

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