A portfolio strategy for your SAP Leonardo Innovation

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Digital transformation brings with it the butterfly effect and the non-zero-sum game theories. Learn how Capgemini’s SAP Center of Excellence encourages innovation while effectively and efficiently managing the chaos in the system.

I set the context to the CoE’s portfolio innovation approach in my blog post entitled – Simplify your business complexities with FD4DI. With SAP making rapid progress around the Leonardo platform, I now want to showcase how Capgemini’s SAP Innovation Center can help you with your innovation strategy. I’m not talking about the SAP Leonardo IoT Innovation Portfolio, which SAP, in all its wisdom, put together success stories to sell Leonardo as you can read here. I’m also not going to write another article on the wonderful SAP Cloud Platform – provider of the framework for SAP Leonardo Innovation Services and Portfolios. This blog is about the first three steps you need to take to challenge SAP and your CxOs in the race to become an ‘Intelligent Enterprise’.

SAP Leonardo sets the premise as a systems-play that allows you to innovate at scale. So, at the onset, take a look at your own organization. While every organization has its own set of super-structures and P&L business units, teams within those structures have significant flexibility of functioning. The first step is taking the capability approach to maximize what SAP offers. Leonardo presents itself with components of machine learning, big data, the blockchain, IoT, etc. These technologies extend beyond the world of SAP. Bring people with the broader technological skills, together with your SAP experts/existing offering, and watch the magic unfold as you build (or learn that you cannot build) on Leonardo! This is what the CoE did, for example, with the FD4DI Smart Operations offering. We brought together Capgemini’s Supply Chain Excellence & the Highway To SAP S/4HANA offerings along with the universal concepts of blockchain and IoT with the SAP Leonardo Toolbox.

In short – reconfigure your internal teams and structures to be capability-driven. Make capabilities drive your business case.

Our next step looks at a very specific aspect of Leonardo and the trends of digital transformation. Customer experience lies at the heart of the intelligent enterprise. Why does UI/UX/CX matter so much? While that question deservedly entails an entire blog, I will say – ease. The ease of operations, decision-making, finding new business opportunities, design – all of it entails the acquisitions and redefined go-to-market approach that tech companies are adopting. Your second step – with all the design thinking and all the depth of innovation to win in this digital transformation war – redefine your pitch with the UI/UX/CX approach.

The third step – a portfolio approach to drive innovation at scale. We define scale unlike how a company like Google or ‘product’ companies would. To understand scale, you need to have a firm grip on your assets, capabilities, and areas of growth. The first step is building a coherent portfolio. Scaling means not having the typical point solutions. It means the ability to break existing processes and achieve repeatable growth in the future to the core business. The dynamic nature of the business is such that there is no single optimal strategy, nor is there a predictable outcome. This is the nature of the non-zero sum games, and it is the most difficult step to take of the three. Could I make it more cryptic? Yes – the push lies around identification of innovation.

I’m sure you are curious to visualize and discuss the next steps. In my next blog post, I’ll talk about how the steps above lead to open innovation, open source models, and understanding the variance around assets. Leonardo da Vinci said, “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” Leaving you with that inspiring quote, my colleague Valery Smague and I look forward to hearing from you to innovate together!

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