The new ADM is about business and relationships, not just software

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The old ADM was about improving IT and developer efficiency. Next-generation ADM is all about business.

A fundamental shift is increasingly apparent in boardrooms around the world: business leaders are starting to care deeply about applications. They are recognizing that applications are not just tangential to business results—they are the backbone of strategic initiatives and directly impact business performance, customer relationships, and growth.

That is why Application Development and Maintenance (ADM), once a mundane consideration for IT professionals, is now a hot topic in the C-suite. Business leaders are looking to ADM not only to create innovative revenue channels but also transform customer interactions into successful, long-lasting relationships.

Simply put, the old ADM was about improving IT and developer efficiency. Next-generation ADM is all about business. It’s about creating transformative capabilities, accelerating innovation, and delivering uniquely satisfying customer experiences.

ADM services: driven by business priorities

The underlying forces that are driving the surge of interest in next-gen ADM services include:

  • Making digital labor more productive: Businesses need applications to go incorporate more intelligence and automation—to develop the intelligence and efficiency to tackle complex tasks in less time for less money. This will help ensure optimal utilization of the workforce and enable highly skilled employees to engage in higher-value work.
  • Meeting demand for hybrid cloud environments: As cloud adoption surges and companies distribute data across private and public cloud environments, it is now critical that providers be able to maintain and migrate across cloud environments.
  • Incorporating business-based metrics: Assessing the impact of new technologies is a key concern for most enterprises. There is a shift to business-based metrics due to the shift in preferences and contract structures.
  • Harnessing automation and AI in business modeling: The use of automation, cognitive computing and predictive analytics in business modeling and business process migration are already gaining momentum and will continue to do so as businesses see quantifiable value.

Sector-specific services 

It is also important to observe how next-gen ADM services have made significant strides across sectors.  The global technology research and advisory firm Information Service Group (ISG), in its Provider Lens Quadrant report, maps three sectors and showcases the impact various service providers have had:

  • Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) has effectively embraced new technologies such as blockchain, AI, machine learning, data analytics, and more
  • Healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) have achieved better clinical decisions through more extensive use of cloud technologies and data-driven initiatives
  • Manufacturing companies are harnessing IoT and models such as “omni-chain” and disrupting the sector

The future belongs to the Agile

The digital age represents a new opportunity to create business agility. And agility is driven by applications. Taking maximum advantage of this unique opportunity requires a radically different approach to ADM—an approach that focuses on business objectives, that takes into account the needs of traditional IT as well as the fast-changing needs of the business, and that delivers true business agility.

Therefore, our approach to next-gen ADM has focused on three core pillars: helping our clients excel at the fundamentals of ADM; enhance their capabilities to create a culture of continuous improvement; and innovate like never before. At the same time, we continue to learn, evolve, and create newer services for our clients. Our ADMnext portfolio is designed to meet the general needs of all of our clients and the specific, unique needs of each industry sector.

We are proud that ISG has recognized Capgemini as a market leader among providers of next-gen ADM services and continuous testing. In their most recent Provider Lens™ 2019 reports (click here to download) in the US, UK and Europe markets, ISG recognised Capgemini’s leadership in the market. Specifically, they called out our industrialized delivery of a full-stack services, which we have expanded to include capabilities such as data science, cognitive and AI technologies. Additional strengths include our Rightshore® approach, combined with a broad, industry-aligned ADMnext services portfolio with embedded innovation services augmented by recent acquisitions.

Newer technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT, etc., are redefining the application landscape, and enterprises globally are looking for the right business technology partners to help them exploit these.  We’re proud that ISG has recognized our considerable strength in these capability areas and a proven track record of delivering sector specific customized solutions to our customers.


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