Le Mondial de l’Automobile

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What are the three major disruptions fast approaching the automotive sector? Read on this blog to learn more.

The automotive industry is in a good place at the moment, and almost all companies in the sector are growing profitably. Yet, there are major changes coming down the track: autonomous vehicles, electrification, and connected cars to name just the three disruptions that are fast approaching.

There will be some winners and losers in all market segments depending on how companies react to – and embrace – these disruptive changes. The same is true for the automotive car show industry, where there have been similar disruptive forces at play.

Not long ago everyone in the industry prepared strongly for the major car shows: Detroit in January, Geneva in March, and Frankfurt/Paris in October. Not to mention a burgeoning trade in Asian countries such as China, where car shows became a very big business. But then, in recent years this has been challenged as the car becomes more of a computer on wheels. The Detroit Auto Show lost out to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas while the Geneva Auto Show has faced stiff competition from the World Mobility show in Barcelona.

Many car manufacturers have pulled back from investing too much in car shows and instead are looking at more digital marketing spend. But the car shows are rising to the challenge, and it’s good to see Le Mondial in Paris this October running a technology conference alongside the car show to reflect this rapidly changing world.

We at Capgemini will be supporting Le Mondial technology conference, and highlighting how the automotive world is now a complex mix of steel and silicone; how tomorrow’s winners will be experts in both manufacturing great cars at reasonable prices, as well as being truly customer-centric and providing the digital mobility services that consumers are now looking to buy. See you at Le Mondial de l’Automobile!


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