How to collaborate with a genius

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How we work in the Capgemini SAP Innovation Center.

Collaborate with the Genius!

He is the Renaissance polymath – the painter, the mathematician, the architect, the engineer, the philosopher. He is Leonardo da Vinci – the Genius. In 2017, SAP paid tribute the to the feverishly inventive humanist with the SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System. In 2018, Capgemini celebrates the masterpiece!

Touted as one of the most important pillars under SAP’s cloud transformation and innovation strategy, Bill McDermott termed SAP Leonardo as the key that “… will unlock the full potential of the intelligent enterprise.” SAP Leonardo integrates six innovative technologies – Machine learning, IoT, Analytics, Big Data, Data Intelligence, and Blockchain – and at its center lies Design Thinking.

As I am relatively familiar with innovative environments, I often wonder what it would be like to collaborate with a genius like Leonardo. Two months after spending more time with SAP Leonardo, I discovered that the magic element is inquisitiveness: keep asking questions and keep an open mind for the possibilities that show up!

I delved further to explore possibilities on client engagements with Leonardo, and thus began our journey of the SAP Innovation Center at Capgemini! Today, we have 50+ highly experienced and fully dedicated SAP and Technology consultants at our SAP innovation Center as part of our SAP Center of Excellence; people who like to be at the cutting edge of innovation, taking the journey on the road less travelled, and are inquisitively willing to ask questions, until we have the right solution.

In the series of blogs that will follow, my colleagues working in the SAP Innovation Center will share their stories with you; stories about Leonardo and S/4 HANA Cloud; stories that will give you more insight to SAP and Capgemini’s innovative technologies as well as the showcases we’re working on.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you. To learn more about the SAP Innovation Center you can visit us at our Utrecht office or contact me directly to collaborate further!


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