The importance of Industry 4.0

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With the growing focus on national productivity, it is recognized that IoT can accelerate improvements...

In my previous blog, I wrote about Capgemini’s Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations report and the key factors needed to successfully implement IoT.  This made me think about the Made Smarter Review and the significance of Industry 4.0.

The 2017 “Made Smarter Review” (previously referred to as the Industrial Digitalization review), sets out a vision for growth and increased productivity across the manufacturing sector by unlocking the potential of industrial digital technologies. Sponsored by the UK Government and industry, there is a clear apparent need for Industry 4.0 and its potential to positively impact UK businesses.

The review highlights three key elements that influence the success of a digital manufacturing and the services industry. First, an adoption driven by the government and industry investment at scale. Second, a national program that incubates, grows, and delivers new ways of working across the UK; and third, leadership; there is clearly a need for a nationwide strategy to deliver this top-down approach from top floor to shop floor.

With the growing focus on national productivity, it is recognized that IoT can accelerate improvements in productivity, cost efficiency, and business performance. This will result in new businesses, new jobs, and the potential for the UK to lead the world in the development of these new data and insight-driven technologies. To quote this industrial strategy document, “Get it right, and we will have found the key to rebalancing and strengthening our economy, creating many new, exciting, and well-paid jobs, and leading a renaissance for the UK as a true nation of creators and makers.”

The Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations report makes very clear which factors ought to be considered, for example organizations may struggle to establish a clear business case. Yet, others could be constrained by their analytical capabilities. Either way, the report outlines the challenges organisations may face when trying to successfully adopt IoT. This is also reinforced in the national strategy document which gives an important context.

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