Content in the new data landscape

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Are you ready for content to drive your digital business as part of your new data landscape?

I recently enjoyed reading a post from Gartner on the 2018 Content Services Battleground. I particularly liked Mike’s description of digital business and the digital workplace. I won’t repeat his full definition of the two concepts, but in essence:

  • The digital workplace—increasing the digital effectiveness of employees in the workforce
  • The digital business—driving improvements in core business processes through digital transformation initiatives.

I’m going to use this post to build on Mike’s posts, discussing some additional thoughts on how this market is going to evolve and also how it is relevant in the new data landscape.

Organizations need to free up the content that drives their business processes through an approach that is agile and ubiquitous; they need to provide the right experience for people who need to create, consume, and interact with this content; they need to ensure it is governed properly and they need to free it up so that it can be exploited for the business value it holds. In his follow-on post, Mike touches on these concepts when he discusses matters such as intelligence. I’d like to go a step further and summarize my thoughts on where the new content world is heading:

  • Freeing up content through an agile and ubiquitous approach is the way organizations can power their digital business, enabling them to create and work with this information in the context of the business process it fuels.
  • Providing the right experience for people is essential in the modern workplace where employees work across boundaries and channels with a freedom greater than we have seen before, expecting the tools they use in their working life to mirror the platforms they engage with in their personal lives.
  • Organizations have been reporting and using structured data to monitor business performance for many years. Getting value from their wider information assets, namely content, remains something of a Holy Grail. Enabling this capability and leveraging techniques such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will accelerate the value in the new world.
  • Governance is the hot topic in town and the advent of GDPR provides the compelling event that is driving organizations to understand and manage their content to meet the new regulations.

Earlier, I mentioned the new data landscape. When you combine the four areas I have described above and place the new data landscape at the heart you join the dots, bringing together all the valuable data in a new federated data landscape that will unlock enormous potential for organizations to digitally transform, to create insight from their information and to do so at pace.


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