The New Digital ways of working

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Next generation digital ways of working is bringing together industrialization and agility in programs executed by a more empowered and enabled work force. This cohesive force enables delivering value at scale for digital programs

Digital transformations programs are growing beyond innovative thinking. There is a craving need for a holistic approach for delivering digital projects considering people, process, tools, premises, cost, collaboration and platform models that contribute to the delivery life cycles.  Digital programs being continuously evolving; the necessity of a supporting enabler ecosystem is a critical factor.

Digital experience is all about realizing end to end customer journey that passionately binds customers to brands round the clock. This experience is not a function of a couple of moments of delight in the engagement, it is a continuous investment a brand makes to establish a long lasting relationship with the customer. Hence agility in digital programs to adapt to the business needs is essential.

Industrialisation in digital context is about creating 100% life cycle automation. Digital problem solving involves multiple platforms and methodologies coming together. This is achieved by the synergy in solutioning between multiple systems; systems of interactions, systems of engagements, systems of integrations, systems of records and systems of intelligence. A scaled life cycle automation covers the whole span of program from requirements, architecture, design, development, validation to support and change request phases. The delivery processes efficiently realize continuous business planning, continuous integration, continuous delivery strategy with a KPI based governance system. This performance management approach for automation enables a 360-degree retrospective model for optimization of delivery processes. The DevOps continuous delivery becomes a unified and converged approach for all of the scaled delivery streams. Ready to use curated asset models will enable efficient reuse providing effort and time benefits.

Agility in digital world can be seen as delivering business value at scale on the move. It is the velocity of business value delivery around customer experience expectations. Scaled agile approaches in delivery, collaboration, integrated delivery, hybrid and cohesive onshore-offshore models, closer customer connects for experience design, innovation incubation and prototyping engines etc. enable agility in digital programs. Customer journeys and experience undergo constant reinvention. The ability to provide value at scale to end customers depend on the ability of digital ways of working to adapt to the ever changing customer centric needs and expectations.

Agility and industrialization go hand in hand for successful digital programs. The digital ways of working are how seamlessly industrialization and agility get reinvented for each program to work best for realizing customer expectations. There are multiple success models within clients also that proved successes. Agility is also about adapting the ways of working on the models that yield best results for the digital transformation programs.

People become the essential element of digital programs. Enabling & connecting people guarantees successes. The people centric approach with tools, collaboration instruments, processes etc. to eliminate any frictions that appear at the end to end delivery cycle gives enormous productivity and time to market benefits for digital programs. Digital delivery programs emphasize on giving the power and support system to people to collaborate and understand the dimensions of business & system connections.

Next generation digital ways of working is bringing together industrialization and agility in programs executed by a more empowered and enabled work force. This cohesive force enables delivering value at scale for digital programs.


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