When involved in innovation and strategy sessions, particularly by the end of the year—one unavoidably will get the same question over and over again: “so tell me, mister Chief Technology Whatever, as you are apparently into digital trends and stuff, what then is the next disruptive technology?”

Unavoidably, the answer is always the same: How should I know? It’s disruptive. If we knew what was coming, it wouldn’t be disruptive anymore, now would it?

Predicting—whether it’s about world politics or technology or anything in between—turns out to be more difficult than ever, as 2017 has demonstrated us ostensibly, the hard way, over and over again.

At the moment of this writing, the value of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies seems to be in a free fall. Which is interesting, as many technology startups are nowadays funded through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), in which their own crypto-currencies are bought with other crypto-currencies. Recently a startup was announced that is—of course—funded by an ICO and aims at using a Blockchain network to create a catalog of Artificial Intelligences (oh, and to top it off, its name is SingularityNET).

It might be a success or not (and crypto-currencies might crash or not), but if it would have smartly included IoT and Augmented Reality somewhere in its pitch, this startup would neatly illustrate the unpredictable context of Digital 2018.

We have used our TechnoVision trend series now for over a decade to not necessarily predict, but at least create a dialogue about the technology components that together can shape business change. And although the 2018 update is only due for mid next year, we couldn’t resist asking our lead contributors—all part of our group Technology & Innovation network—to look a bit ahead.

Not so much in terms of predictions, but more as some sincere New Year Technology Wishes for 2018. After all, the future may be full of Black Swans, nothing keeps us from hoping the best for it and trying to shape it just a tiny little bit.

Keep watching this space for links to appear, as we unfold our leaders’ best wishes one by one—following our well-known TechnoVision clusters:

Invisible Infostructure – by Gunnar Menzel

Applications Unleashed – by Frank Wammes

Thriving on Data – by Ron Tolido

Process on the Fly – by Lee Beardmore

You Experience – by Michiel Boreel

We Collaborate – by Patrice Duboe

Design for Digital, overview – by Pierre Hessler
Design for Digital, Le Roi Cloud – by Nicolas Gaudillière
Design for Digital, Twin Worlds – by Steve Jones