No Predictions 2018—We Collaborate

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As long as we can remember, progress has been linked to innovation. And, also as long as we can remember, innovation has been linked to serendipity.

Serendipity is this fascinating human faculty to learn from others’ experiences while discovering new things with each other: the power of We.

As the famous proverb says—if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

IT and the digital journey took the same path, embracing the most crucial innovation that the internet brought: us, collaborating through networks of computers, networks of networks.

And as we speak, collaboration is going through new, quickly maturing technologies: the Internet of Things, neural networks, Cobots, Blockchain, “Crowd X”—to name just a few. Collaboration is no longer just about humans, but also about humans interacting with machines and machines with machines. We are entering a hybrid world of human and machine dynamics.

The Internet of Things, or as I would prefer, connected objects, is collecting massive volumes of data from a multitude of sources. And that data sense only makes sense when we collaborate around it, combining sources and algorithms, creating new ideas to deliver essential value.

Neural networks—as the foundation for the current new wave of AI—bring sky-high expectations to 2018 and the whole coming decade. They may deliver some of the most compelling examples of collaboration we have ever seen, especially when we start to teach AI about highly complex, collaborative networks and their input, output, and success factors.

Blockchain provides a very promising ecosystem to share and secure information and process flows between trusted tiers, even if we still need to deal with the excess energy consumption and overall performance aspects of it.

It all trigger the Crowd X wave of anything crowd-driven: crowd funding, crowd lending, crowd sourcing, crowd work, crowd ideation, crowd innovation even—hopefully, sooner or later – some crowd wisdom.

And with robots learning to collaborate better—instead of going at it alone, thus becoming “Cobots”—we sooner or later may need to rebrand our TechnoVision concept of We Collaborate to We Cobollarate. In fact, I’m claiming #cobollarate right now!

I wish you a 2018 that is filled with more impact from better collaboration—with anybody, with anything.

Contribution by Patrice Duboe 

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