Combining robotic process automation and intelligent technologies will grow automation level at an accelerated rate. Because of us humans having difficulties grasping the concept of exponential growth, we need to start an important discussion on how to handle intelligent automation today.

The trending topics of machine learning, artificial intelligence, block-chain, and robotics are all very exciting and will result in new possibilities and value creation without any doubt. However, as all the mentioned technologies above will result in increased automation, it may lead to obsoleting human labor. We will have automation managers, robot supporters, programmers, and all different kinds of new tasks in the future.

This does not have to be a bad thing, but different nations’ rate of adopting intelligent automation will be decisive for their competitive advantage, as the technologies will consolidate wealth in a way we have not seen since the industrial revolution.

A simple view of a possible outcome is when companies in “Nation A” starts to implement intelligent automation it will lead to:

– Reduced cost

– Increased scalability

– Result in lower wages

– Which gives reduced prices

– Increased export capability due to the lower prices

This will result in Nation A seeing economic profit and will give Nation A the possibility to invest in more emerging technologies increasing the speed of adopting automation further.

I am positive about a future with automation, as it will give us time to focus on things that truly matter to us, giving us the opportunity to be creative and leaving tasks that are not giving us value, behind.

What do you believe will happen? How do you think we can adapt to the emerging technologies in the best way?