A recent publication from the FAO showed that 1 in every eight people on earth goes to bed hungry (http://www.fao.org/state-of-food-security-nutrition/en/). The challenges to the agrarian community are enormous. As we head into this fast paced world of Social and Cloud and Mobility and Digital Transformation, it is imperative we use technology to aid our very sustenance on this planet.

At Capgemini we believe, the “web” surrounding us today has to be woven to the social fabric of society. Being the Industry lead for Agriculture at Capgemini for me is, sometimes is like being Spiderman. Reminding me that –  With great power comes great responsibility. Since 2015, we at Capgemini have setup a global team of experts to focus on Digital Agriculture. I lead a dedicated team of agronomists, data scientists, technologists and researchers in the field. My team tracks the trends and developments in the industry, while working with several large companies and small farmers. We understand how innovation can ensure maximum output with minimum resources and damage to the environment. Join my team and me in this series of blogs as I take you thru a journey on-the-field.

Read how (whitepaper)  we busted the Myths associated to smart farming. Hopefully you will appreciate our work on Robotics and Drones offering farmers a better, more meaningful, and highly productive life. For further details, or a visit to our Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) to watch us work live, do not hesitate to contact me.