IoT: A Portfolio Approach from Acquisition to Action

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IoT isn’t only the devices or “things.” IoT is the value we create from the data we get from “things.” At Capgemini we’re digitizing and coupling with analytical tools, possibilities to innovate with smart devices.

The Plat.One acquisition enabled SAP get into the game of end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine2Machine (M2M) application platforms. SAP acquired stronger capabilities of “things” talking to one another amidst the HANA database, as well as the translation between the different protocols devices use to communicate. So, when SAP announced its flagship and enablement Internet of Things (IoT) program “Leonardo,” it was a logical step of bringing together the existing SAP IoT capabilities with Plat.One. SAP’s expansion of their S/4 HANA “digital core” to new applications (across social media, mobility, Big Data & analytics, cloud) and provide connectivity with “things” is, in my opinion, their growth engine for the coming years.

The overview below is more than a simplistic integration of existing SAP IoT and data analytics under a new brand name:


(Source: SAP, 2017)

Leonardo is a well-thought strategy, an orchestration of real time enterprise packaged solutions (SAP Leonardo Bridge) with ready-to-use or ready-to-build business/technical application and services (SAP Leonardo Foundation) all delivered on the SAP cloud platform or on-premise (HANA database), irrespective of the input data source or device protocol in real-time (Edge computing). This is where, I believe, the game is changing because SAP is overhauling its IoT portfolio leveraging platforms and developers to create a whole set of new IoT applications.

The SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) at Capgemini has a portfolio of offerings which focus on business processes and applications, not the technology alone! Capgemini is ensuring digital transformation is agile, platform-based, and built on a robust set of solutions. The belief is, IoT is the “means,” not the destination. In the larger scheme of things, IoT is as business-driven as it is technology-driven (although it appears to be the latter in today’s world). The Capgemini SAP Center of Excellence is working towards coupling business processes at the technology level. For instance, Capgemini built an SAP IoT-in-a-box offering which is a preconfigured IoT “as-a-service” solution that addresses real-time monitoring parameters of a machine.

SAP IoT-in-a-box is ready-to-run on the SAP cloud platform and enables quick, effective and simple real-time management for the discreet manufacturing industry. It is being leveraged in the SAP-Capgemini joint initiative called “Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries” (FD4DI). The offer helps clients in the discrete manufacturing industries manage digital transformation. In the future we foresee the SAP IoT-in-a-box to be available on the SAP Leonardo platform! At the CoE, we are coupling offers to create a stronger, interlinked, unified, and granular view for digital transformation. By combining our offers we are bringing to market new intelligent solutions. As an example, the IoT-in-a box being clubbed with the existing supply chain excellence offering has resulted in a digitized data-driven responsive supply chain offer.

IoT isn’t only the devices or “things.” IoT is the value we create from the data we get from “things.” At Capgemini we’re digitizing and coupling with analytical tools, possibilities to innovate with smart devices. To know more on Fast Digital 4 Discreet Industries & IoT, join my colleagues Frédéric BerneSabrina BartlettValery Smague, and me, Aditya, as we demo our newest solutions and offerings in this space,

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