And then, Enlight came into Afshan’s life—making a difference in India

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Enlight is an award-winning project by Capgemini India to bring education to girls from disadvantaged families, including girls with disabilities, or from poor and homeless families.

Enlight focuses on four major objectives: enhancing competency levels and preparing for higher education, promoting community participation in school governance, enhancing teacher capacities, and promoting innovative and inclusive pedagogy.

Enlight is supported by Capgemini’s 150 employees who have collectively put in over 25,000 hours. By 2020, Enlight hopes to reach 10,400 girls from 10 different social categories and in 10 different locations as well as more than 200 teachers at over 150 schools with the help and support of 10,400 Capgemini employee “mentors.”

One of these girls is Afshan Fathima, an eight-year old girl from a poor family in Hyderabad. She suffers from severe developmental delays that left her unable to speak or walk without support. As a person, she is affable and laughs easily. She has two sisters and one brother and is the center of her family’s universe.

Afshan’s mother is her full-time caretaker; her father, a plumber who works over 12 hours a day to make ends meet. He earns just enough to feed his family and send Afshan’s siblings to school. Afshan went to school once too, but had to leave after just one year because the facilities did not accommodate her special needs. To make matters worse, the family had no money for the physiotherapy sessions Afshan so desperately needed.

And then, Enlight came into her life.

The Enlight team helped the family obtain the necessary certificates to secure a monthly pension for Afshan’s treatment. Afshan was included in community-based physiotherapy sessions organized by Enlight and her parents were taught how to provide therapy at home. Afshan’s mother studied physiotherapy, while her father joined an awareness program to learn about the issues disabled people face and how to assuage them.

In the midst of this support, Afsan blossomed. She can now walk slowly with minimal support. The Enlight team encouraged Afshan’s family to enroll her back in school and worked with the teachers to sensitize them to her specific problems and needs. Together, they developed a supportive and conducive environment in the classroom and at school.

The Enlight team also conducted competency assessments and devised different methods to enhance her learning. Gradually, Afshan learned to speak and recognize colors, shapes, and words. These days, Afshan attends school regularly and her sister, who is in the same grade helps with her lessons. After school, Afshan practices reading and writing and, along with other children in the project, attends evening tutoring sessions conducted by the Enlight team.

Afshan has come a long way since she joined the project and the Enlight team is confident that, with continued rigor, Afshan can overcome her barriers. Afshan’s mother is full of new hope and contributes back to the community by teaching physiotherapy and otherwise supporting the other parents involved in the project.

Capgemini’s commitment to social and educational advancement is sponsored at the corporate level and sustained by the many individuals who choose to give back to their community. The story of Afshan and the Enlight team is a great example for all.

Enlight is one of three educationally based endeavors to support underserved communities. Called “Move Fifty,” the initiative is part of our 50th anniversary celebrations.

Visit the Capgemini50 dedicated website to learn more.





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