Being Digital means being able to deliver actionable, data driven insights at the point of action. This is done by transforming to a digital business model, supported by the right digital technologies and data. However, several challenges blur the vision on both the target and the journey to the Insights-driven enterprise as a result of traditional approaches to data insights and gaps in data driven capabilities. Some of the issues are:

·      No alignment with information strategy, limited support of business use cases and lack of agility in development of new insights

·      Complexity and immaturity of the current data & analytics platform to support any data insight strategy end-to-end

·      Escalating Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) because higher volumes of data necessitate upgrades to the data warehouse where licenses are priced according to volume.

Capgemini helps clients to understand these gaps against a standardized data platform optimization framework, based upon data capabilities aligned with insights driven strategies, using our proven and short Data WARP assessment. This 2–4 weeks assessment is a first step in regaining control of the changing data landscape.

First the business side is investigated with regards to the operating model, data management and governance, processes and relevant business use cases. Then relationship to IT is made using a data capability catalogue. The business and IT analysis results are checked against a sophisticated maturity model and the target architecture. Finally, the target architecture is translated into a roadmap, a business case and detailed project portfolio.

If you want to know more about the Data WARP, please contact Balaji Palanidurai ( or Theo Elzinga (