Welcome to the new Capgemini.com

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Welcome to the new Capgemini website. Our user-first philosophy is waiting for you in unexpected places.

What you see on your screen represents the combined efforts of over 200 professionals working tirelessly over the last 10 months across 28 countries to create a single global storytelling platform. In a world of Digital-above- all, how we communicate with you—our clients, recruits, partners, and colleagues—is a direct extension of our passion for service and delivering the best technology solutions in the world. It’s a medium with a message.

At first glance—yes, it’s still a website. No AI butlers and drone swarms… yet. But look a little closer. Our user-first philosophy is waiting for you in unexpected places.

We’ve significantly upgraded your ability to find the right information quickly—from an industry- focused information-architecture, to a rationalized solutions portfolio tailored to your market. We think you’ll be able to get to what you’re looking for without needing to dig or stop and ask for directions.

At Capgemini our greatest strength is our dedicated and brilliant people. And here we’ve put them front-and-center. In every area, you’re never far from being introduced to the ready-and-willing expert who’s waiting to answer your questions. You can even browse and search directly through our new ‘Our Experts’ portal.

Or perhaps you’re in the mood for breaking news and the latest in cutting-edge research from our Digital Transformation Institute. The new Insights & News center is your best tool for inspiration, illumination, or good old information. Announcements, analyst updates, case studies, and the latest blogs are all here.

Last but not least, we know a big portion of our daily visitors are job seekers. Competing for, and hiring, the greatest Digital talent in the world is an obsession for us. And we want to connect talent with the innovative work done in every part of our business. To that end, you’ll find the latest contextual job openings in every solution and industry section—highlighting the very jobs you’ll get to work on if you join us. And finally, our Careers center is full of great content from our leading voices—highlighting what it’s truly like to work for a company that believes people matter.

Now, I could go on-and-on about the underlying technology here: the ingenious syndication system uniting our global network sharing content and insights across nine different languages, or the lightning-fast hosting, and the lithely flexible modular component CMS. But we’d rather you enjoy the experience, the medium, and the message.

Happy reading,

Parker Ward
Global Head of Digital and Content