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Exploring how we rethought our approach to content on the new platform.

Hello and welcome to our second post about the new Capgemini.com!

I wanted to take a little time to walk through how we’ve rethought our approach to content on the new platform and what that means for you – the reader.

Capgemini produces a prodigious volume of content each year.

Future gazing on market and technology developments. Analysis on the adoption and emerging uses for technology trends. Implementation guidance on a broad spectrum of digital and technology projects, from IoT security to Social Media Command Centres.

We undertook a ton of user research to inform our development of the site. One thing stood out for us: after job seekers, information-based missions are the next biggest driver of visits.

Project teams arrive at Capgemini.com hunting for data and guidance to help build project business cases. Functional leads are looking for new insight that they can share with colleagues to get up to speed with tech or industry developments. Implementation teams are looking for best practices and an understanding of how others are approaching their particular issues. Business leads come looking for analysis of market and innovation trends that can help inform strategic direction.

The information Capgemini creates clearly has real value for business and technology professionals at organizations across the world. Something we’re incredibly proud of. This insight gave the team very clear direction for the development of the new website.

  • Make it easy for visitors to find information that’s relevant to their specific mission
  • Enable visitors to re-use that information once they’ve found it
  • Provide a contact channel to the author for any questions

So what have we done?

We’ve brought all of our content together into a single portal. Literally everything that relates to those information missions can now be found in our new ‘Insights & News’ hub.

The front page is the home for our latest content – across all formats, subjects, and sources – and an opportunity for our editors to curate existing content around the things that are driving the news agenda – and also questions from within your business – from global hacks to AI developments.

We’ve also really upgraded our search facility. Almost the first thing you see is a natural language search box.

In addition, you’ll see a lot of content curation and guidance. Not everyone knows exactly what they’re looking for. In the primary navigation position lies ‘Hot Topics’, where we’ve assembled content around six key themes that you told us you read about most frequently. From digital disruption to AI.

Where we have information assets that can be downloaded – reports, data graphs, infographics – they’re there for you to download at the click of a button.

Where there’s an author for a piece of content we provide links to other content from them and the means to contact them via social channels or email.

We know from our website data that a visitor mission that starts out reviewing our services often ends in a search for analysis too.  So, our ingenious tagging system automatically pulls through relevant content from our hub to other sections of the website. Wherever you are on the site, there’s a clear path to insight, analysis and best practice.

So what content is on offer?

We have a dedicated ‘strategic insights’ team – the Digital Transformation Institute – with a reputation for providing IT and business leads with actionable intelligence on new technology trends, from emerging use cases for blockchain to how organizations are approaching the adoption of digital skills.

We have one of the largest, most knowledgeable, and hyperactive group of bloggers of any organization in our industry. Seriously, we can barely keep up with editing them all. Almost 1000 subject matter experts from within the business regularly blog and share insight on social channels.

Our sector teams produce a series of bellwether reports. Capgemini’s annual Energy Markets Observatory report is a fixture on the desk of chief strategy officers at many utilities providers. Data from the World Reports Series produced by our Financial Services team finds its way into hundreds of articles and presentations each year.

Our network of global CTOs publish annual predictions, forecasting the big trends for business technology and innovation, and explore each in turn in their monthly Beyond the Buzz magazine.

Plenty then!

Happy reading,

Parker Ward
Global Head of Digital and Content

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