We launched #Gradathon on September 1 to celebrate graduates who recently became valuable members of teams across Capgemini. This year is special for the Capgemini group because we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. It’s not just about how long our group has been a part of the industry, but also a celebration of our people who, through these years, have continued to add value and expertise, making us who we are today.

If you go through the stories shared by our graduates, you will see how promptly they started participating in our 50th celebrations. They immediately internalized our core 7 values as part of their daily work activities and started collaborating with new colleagues on projects. Each group of graduates joined us within a different function, making their experiences so unique, but what they had in common was the fresh burst of enthusiasm and innovation.

Here are some of the highlights of #Gradathon 2017




Today we mark the end of this year’s #Gradathon adventure and wish our graduates the best of luck in their new roles. They carry the pride of our Group’s 50 years and are on their way to build new adventures for Capgemini.