Enable your journey from ITOps to DevOps to NoOps with Office 365

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The IT industry has been moving toward to DevOps from ITOps, since ITOps does not include concepts like program and application development.

DevOps addresses much more areas or concepts such as business analysis, design, coding, testing, and custom software. However, there are still gaps like the lack of governance, integration, and management standards which create—islands of solutions lacking integration, difficulty in sharing business insights and performance inconsistencies.

To address the above companies are thinking beyond DevOps. NoOps helps IT environment to be eventually automated to the point that no internal team is required and dedicated to manage the network.

With advances in packaged software, applications, and services, companies have started realizing that NoOps is a possibility in near feature. One of the powerful enabler in this direction is Office 365 which allows you to connect and collaborate virtually anywhere, anytime. Office 365 gives you flexible strategies for building successful teams with cloud power as shown below:

Office 365 enhances not just personal productivity but team productivity. Teams can access conversations, shared files and a shared notebook. Files get associated with the teams and not with specific people. You can also share with people who are not a part of your organization. Another significant feature is Planner. If your project management involves spreadsheets, email threads and lots of sticky notes, Planner is a simple and highly visual way to organize your projects: create plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat and get updates on progress. Your plan can be just a list of tasks or a fully-blown out schedule with budgets, time estimates, completion dependencies and more.

The main advantage of Office 365 is the cloud, it has the flexibility and advantages, particularly in terms of saving on the maintenance costs associated with local servers. You don’t have to worry about security and data protection since Office 365’s data protection and backup offers you the peace of mind.

According to an article by Sandhill (business strategy consulting company) companies leveraging cloud services like Office 365 experienced:

•        20.7 percent average improvement in time to market

•        15.1 percent reduction in IT spending

•        18.8 percent improvement in employee productivity.

The reason customers pay more for cloud software is that the hardware and maintenance is taken care of by the vendor and they no longer need to manage their own data center, resulting in an overall reduction in IT cost leading to NoOps.

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