I’m excited to be going to Berlin for the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit, and honored to be hosting a special session with Prof. Brian Subirana of MIT. And I’m even more excited about all the big disruptions we are witnessing these days in the consumer goods and retail industry. Amazon buying Whole Foods—wow!

This Amazon move illustrates even more the burning platform for the topic that Brian and myself will be discussing at the Global Summit: The Transformation of Consumer Commerce In-Store, In-Home And In Life.

Brian and I will look at the latest research and insights regarding the future of stores and the upcoming revolution in consumer commerce, which will take place in their homes, seamlessly embedded in their daily living. We will explore the impact and value for consumers, retailers and consumer goods companies – and the scenario’s for shaping the best way forward in this major shift.

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin. You will find more details about the summit here.