If you can’t beat them, join them

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With lot of talk about machines taking human jobs and artificial intelligence being the game changer, we need to relook at what AI – artificial intelligence actually means.

Human plus machine isn’t the future, it’s the present.  Are robots or machines actually “intelligent?” Robots are hard workers or at the most smart workers but they are not definitely “intelligent.” Intelligence is combining human strengths with machines power as follows:

This way we make best out of humanity to overcome our fears if we want to get the most out of our technology.

Humans are capable to differentiate competitor from competition. We must use human experience with help of our senses, and then the machine learns from our corrections. Humans can think, put themselves in others shoes and understand their emotional state by watching their body language and looking into their eyes, thereby able to decide, negotiate, change tactics with help of intuition.

Our skill of coaching the machines, robots effectively must compliment their much greater computational power along with superior human knowledge to get the best out of automation, artificial intelligence or digitalization. We should have the best of human knowledge, powerful machine & superior process in place for success. If we combine human knowledge + weak machine + a better process or very powerful machine + a strong human knowledge + an inferior process, the result will be disastrous. This calls for better interfaces to help us coach our machines towards more useful intelligence.

Machines crunch data, calculates probabilities, gets 99% accuracy, making it easier for analysis and decision-making of the humans. But we are not going to use a robot doctor or a self-driving car with 99% accuracy, even with 99.5%. So we need to innovate and improve to make them as perfect as possible.

Professionals are not defined just by skill. Machines replaced operators, manual labor, now they are coming after many more professions. Technology aids at removing obstacles and difficulties from our lives, and so we must face these challenges. Every profession will have to feel these pressures or else it will mean we are not improving, innovating or trying to transform. Since we have no choice we cannot slow down. In fact, we have to speed up and think what else machines can do, because to be successful we have to be faster, effective and efficient than earlier. We have to understand, unskill, unlearn, unsettle, unnovate traditional ways of thinking.

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