Building the next generation business transformation team

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Capgemini’s Business Transformation Services team is working with the latest technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and cognitive computing to enhance our BPO portfolio of solutions.

Over the past several years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best and brightest minds in the business services industry. Together we have not only witnessed, but also played an active role in driving change in the market through process innovation and technology advancements—and we’re just getting started.

We are rapidly expanding and we have a number of opportunities for professionals with business transformation, automation and robotics expertise who want to help us set the pace for bringing intelligent automation to finance.

This is a great opportunity to not only be at the forefront of the next generation of business transformation, but to join an organization that offers exciting career paths. Capgemini’s Business Transformation Services team is an excellent example of a group of individuals who have joined at different times with the right variety of backgrounds and have taken the opportunity to build their careers with us. We empowered them so they can empower you!

  • Adam Bujak, a Polish native, came on board in 2007 in Germany to support operations and is now a VP running our automation practice. During this time he led a global continuous improvement practice across 5 continents and had international assignments in India and Germany driving technology development and delivery excellence.
  • David Lumley, an Australian native, started with Capgemini Consulting in the UK and has since run engagements for a range of clients including an assignment in Brazil where he had an opportunity to launch a successful BPO offering for the local market. David is now a VP and back in the UK running our finance transformation team.
  • Kamila Sicinska, based in Poland, started with Capgemini Consulting more than 10 years ago, and after becoming interested in the colorful world of business process outsourcing (BPO), made an internal transfer to Capgemini’s Business Services. Kamila is now a director in Poland, and since her transfer she is part of the journey to change the way people think about BPO by developing bespoke approaches that are highly streamlined and automated to deliver real and substantial benefits.
  • Polly Desouza, based in Bangalore, joined us five years ago after a friend recommended Capgemini. Polly gets to cross international borders every day, working with global clients and colleagues based in the Americas, Europe and APAC—broadening her horizons, while still managing to have the work-life balance she needs as a mother.

In addition to being part of a company that invests in its people, you’ll also have the chance to work with incredibly talented individuals across a range of disciplines and showcase your expertise.

Here are a few examples of the insights shared by our experts:

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Finance transformation in an age of unprecedented disruption

If you want to play a key role in helping Capgemini Business Services create the next generation of finance automation and transformation solutions for the most demanding clients, check out our job openings and read what some of our other trailblazers and talented robotic heroes have to say.

North America:
• For various business process transformation and robotic process automation (RPA) consultant roles, please contact:

• For various business process transformation, RPA consultant, architect and developer roles, as well as business analyst roles, please contact:

• For various business process transformation and RPA consultant roles, please contact:

• For various business process transformation roles, please contact:

• For various, RP consultant, architect and developer roles, as well as business analyst roles, please contact:

We need people who want to build a business and use their own and all of Capgemini’s collective skills and talents to be successful. People matter, results count … Join us!


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