My whole life I have been surrounded by amazing women: first my mother, my sister, and then my wife, mother in law and two daughters. This has had a huge impact on me and made me a true believer of the power and importance of gender balance.

Unlike most of our competitors who have headquarters and initial roots either in the US or India, Capgemini grew up in Europe, and from our very beginning embraced the diversity of working with many different countries and cultures.In addition, since launching our FS business in ‘07, our mantra has been to be the Leader for Leaders.I believe FS has a responsibility to blaze the path for the Group and our industry on many fronts.As our business’s influence and impact continue to grow, our opportunity is to now help lead our industry and Group in terms of track advancement and gender balance. We should be the shining light for the rest of the group, leading our 190,000 sisters and brothers in embracing gender balance.

Being a leader is a great responsibility and when thinking about gender balance, we must set a strong example. I truly believe leaders should be intentional about being inclusive and in identifying growth opportunities for our team members. Gender balance across our teams is not only key for thought diversity, but also very important to our clients. For instance, our Insurance practice and GBU have been increasingly intentional about expanding the diversity of our leadership & overall team.While we have made progress, we still have a ways to go.

Men and women have individual responsibilities to make gender balance work. Men should be conscious of this need for inclusiveness and we all have to push for an increased level of awareness. This has been a key target of the gender sensitization campaign being led by Women @ Capgemini. As a Group, we are focusing on training and exposure to gender balance so that we are increasingly sensitized and aware of our historical biases.

Women also have a major role to play. First, by actively seeking opportunity to excel and advance. Mentorship is a great way to continuously learn and develop for all employees. Find mentors in female and male colleagues with whom you would like to develop a professional mentoring relationship. Senior women and men leaders can be ideal mentors and can share lessons learned through their journey. As a mentor, actively seek one additional mentoring relationship to help advance women who are seeking mentorship and guidance within our organization.

Call to Action

Let us together consciously take concrete steps to reflect in our work-life the same importance a mother, wife or daughter has in our personal lives. We owe it to them; we owe it to each other. We need to be a truly gender diverse company and the choice is in our hands. We can set the example and blaze the path for others to follow, I know we can do it!


Jack Dugan is the Executive Vice President, Global Insurance Leader for Capgemini’s Financial Services (FS) SBU where he has P&L responsibility for one of our fastest growing sectors. Over the past 25+ years, Jack has worked on major transformation programs with leading financial services companies such as Progressive, Farmers, CNA and Assurant. His expertise includes technology-enabled business transformation, organizational change management and operations improvement.

  • A thought leader in the evolving insurance market and has worked closely with Capgemini clients to help them address the mounting pressure to transform front-office and administration capabilities such as insurance policy and claims programs to ensure competitiveness in the face of a rapidly changing marketplace.
  • Before leading the Global Insurance practice, Jack served as Managing Partner of Capgemini’s Chicago office, Regional Financial Services Lead and North America Financial Services Lead. He started his career with Accenture (Andersen Consulting) and joined Ernst & Young LLP in 1994 where he was elected Partner in 1997.
  • Earned a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago and a BA in Accounting from the University of Illinois. He has been selected for Chicago Crain’s List of Who’s Who in Chicago Business seven times.

Many thanks to Jack Dugan, Executive Vice President, Global Insurance Leader for Capgemini’s Financial Services (FS) SBU, for his blog article on gender inclusiveness.